Wanstead weekend photo

Ace photographer and all-round nice guy Geoff Wilkinson, who runs the eightyfour gallery on Nightingale Green, has started a new blog, Wanstead Daily Photo. He intends to keep this up for a year; each weekend Wansteadium will be featuring one of Geoff’s photos from the preceeding week. Which is great news all round.

© Geoff Wilkinson
Geoff writes: “This is our lovely Wanstead Village Police Station that is under threat of closure. Opened in September 1886 it is the only police station in London that still retains a traditional blue lamp. To the people of Wanstead it still signifies safety. Please may it continue.”
See the whole week at Wanstead Daily Photo

3 thoughts on “Wanstead weekend photo”

  1. The chances of this station remaining open are zero. A great shame but many of the local stations are going. I think when the public see how many stations are to close there will be uproar. That’s why they keep telling us there will be more Police on the street – there will not be enough stations left for them to work from!

  2. The leaves and fronds framing this lovely image give the impression that a birdwatcher’s hide was used to capture the image. That said, such stealth would probably be unnecessary given that the inmates failed to notice people stealing the lead off the roof earlier in the year.

  3. I do hope that the campaign to keep the Police Station open works. It would be a great
    shame for it to close. I am not sure where our nearest station would be if it went – Ilford – Chingford – not sure – anyone know?????

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