Wansteadium’s live tweeting of the Area 1 committee

Area 1 committee, 21 Jan 2013

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We’re live tweeting the Area 1 committee covering Wanstead and Snaresbrook #area1Wansteadium
There’s consensus that it’s sub-optimal for Wanstead Police station front counter to close. #area1Wansteadium
Cllr Wilson urges more police to be devoted to the Safer Neighbourhood Team. #area1Wansteadium
@Wansteadium More police ARE being devoted to the SNTs – the problem is that the SNTs mostly won’t be ward-based!Ian Bond
@CllrIanBond @Wansteadium How big is a neighbourhood then? #area1Peter Coll
Cllr Mrs Dunn says it makes little sense for officers to be bussed from Barkingside every day #area1Wansteadium
Cllr Mrs Nolan says Wanstead is sitting target for criminals with Tubes at either end of high st #area1Wansteadium
Wanstead parking campaigner Michael Powis says members of public only have 2 minutes’ microphone time. Cllrs, however, have no limit. #area1Wansteadium
He says members of the public can be made to look foolish by expressions from cllrs. Cllr Cummins apologises if there’s hostility #area1Wansteadium
Cllr Wilson also apologises but says it’s ‘a meeting held in public rather than a public meeting per se’. Lots of ways to contact #area1Wansteadium
Now it’s the Redbridge Core Strategy Review Preferred Options Report discussion. Why aren’t more people here? #area1Wansteadium
Cllr Alex Wilson summarises changes in spending, incl extension of garden waste collection to all-year-round service #area1Wansteadium
Increase in pay and display fees and "additional locations"? Can this mean Wanstead? #area1Wansteadium
No, says Cllr Cummins – it doesn’t mean Wanstead High Street. Cllr Dunn emphasises point "especially while the press are here" #area1Wansteadium
Michael Powis asks what is the criteria for the success of the parking controls around Wanstead High Street? #area1 #parkingWansteadium
Cllr Cummins says budget item "misleading" for creating impression that P&D could come to Wanstead. #area1Wansteadium
Cllrs are agreed it’s a terrific budget, with no council tax rise and money going back into music and drama services. And no P&D. #area1Wansteadium
We’ve got the message, says Mr Powis. #area1 #p&dWansteadium
Redbridge population grew by 40k between 2001-11, but only 7k more houses built, says officer. Will rise to 350k by 2028, he says #area1Wansteadium
So council wants 5 investment areas – incl S Woodford towards Charlie Brown roundabout #area1Wansteadium
Goodness. Wansteadium gets first ever name check in a public meeting. Discussion about Evergreen Field. #area1Wansteadium
Unexpected q from someone *advocating* houses on Evergreen field. 1st time buyers would be better than rat infested field, he says #area1Wansteadium
Wanstead Society springs into action. Cllrs say they will retain highest level of protection for Evergreen Field. #area1Wansteadium
Wanstead Society doesn’t like the idea of green Tarmac for cycle lanes #area1Wansteadium
Council says it’s only going to be green at junctions but this makes it safer. The Tarmac costs £8k more if it’s green. #area1Wansteadium
Wanstead Society says the need for cycle lanes greater on Wanstead High Street than on Cambridge Park Road. #area1Wansteadium
Uh oh. The council officer points out that the council doesn’t use the term Tarmac (trademark). It’s "surface treatment". #area1Wansteadium
Correction – the total cost of cycle lane on Cambridge Pk will be £8k, not the extra cost of its proposed green *surface treatment* #area1Wansteadium
@Wansteadium Suggestion: put little graffiti vandals to work spraypainting Tarmac green #yourewelcomehaylae
Almost finished. But just time for another quick parking spat. #area1Wansteadium
The parking restrictions on Spratt Hall Rd mean it’s now empty in the daytime & cars now speed down there, a parking objector says. #area1Wansteadium
The area outside Christ Church on Wanstead Place is to have bays for residents only. So bad news for people visiting to use halls #area1Wansteadium
@Wansteadium that’s helpful for the sick, elderly and young using the nearby GPs and clinics! #area1Heather
That’s it. Enough.Wansteadium
The meeting concluded at nearly five to ten.
@Wansteadium Thanks for the live tweeting – enjoyable and useful!Mark Samuels
I used to be paid to go to council meetings. Stillmoaned RT @Wansteadium We’re live tweeting Area 1 committee covering Wanstead/SnaresbrookVictoria Richards
@Wansteadium thanks for that. I think I’d lose the will to live if I attended in person…Jane Clapton
@janeclapton it’s not that bad. You’d enjoy it. Local democracy can be fun. (ish)Wansteadium
@Wansteadium I did like the unwritten sigh when the Wanstead Society kicked off.Tom Dolan
@tomskerous @wansteadium there were actual sighs in our household!Jane Clapton
@Wansteadium @janeclapton I’m on Area Two duty next week. You can do it for me if you like!Dominic Sutton