Wanstead’s deserted streets

This was the scene on Monday lunchtime on Spratt Hall Road, on the southern side of Christ Church Green. You might be wondering where all the cars have gone – at that time of day it is usually chockablock.

New residents’ only parking restrictions there (and on Addison, Chaucer and Dangan roads) came into force on Monday, superseding the 0930-1030 bar which was designed to prevent commuters parking and riding into London.

On the one hand, you can see why people living on Spratt Hall Road are so happy.

And on the other, you can see the frustration of people who work nearby and want somewhere to park.

It would however be interesting to hear what people who had previously parked in those roads are doing now. Have they started using alternative transport methods? Or are they just parking elsewhere? In which case, could this be the start of a round of what in American is termed Whac-a-Mole? Drop us a line the usual way (either comment below, or e-mail wansteadium[at]gmail.com).

3 thoughts on “Wanstead’s deserted streets”

  1. I haven’t been able to find out what time the residents parking scheme is in operation. I know that in Leytonstone for example, you can park in many resident zones after 2pm. Does anyone know the answer? Nothing on Redbridge council site that I can find.

  2. It is on the Redbridge website, although not anywhere obvious… I think it says that the hours of operation in Wanstead B are 8am – 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. This is a little odd, as I’m sure the residents agreed to a slightly later start of 8.30am. I have tried contacting the parking department a few times this week to ask why signs showing the hours of operation have not been put up and to check the start time, but it is proving impossible to get through!

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