Wanstead’s flypast

Wanstead’s traditional position in the line of flight for Trooping the Colour flypasts will come alive again today at 1pm for the RAF anniversary procession. Shortly before 1pm the full line up will be seen across Wanstead, almost as if it were the steps to the podium. If you’re here then, take a look. And if you’ve got a good zoom lens, send some pictures to info@wansteadium.com?

One thought on “Wanstead’s flypast”

  1. I’m glad you’ve posted this, as it is indeed pretty cool when the Red Arrows fly overhead here in Wanstead. This can be seen on other occasions too, such as the Queen’s official birthday not long ago, which I believe was the most recent time Wanstead could see the flypast.

    The flypast seems always to come from the north-east, is very fast (blink twice and you’ll miss them!), and comes in several waves, helicopters and other planes first, then the Red Arrows in formation (though not yet releasing the coloured trails).

    First alert is the sheer noise at first, then look up, lol!

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