Wanstead’s ‘Isolation Projects’: 1. Keith Coffey

A new feature! Wanstead’s Isolation Projects – a showcase of various things Wanstead folk have made or done during the lockdown. It doesn’t matter what it is – just send us a photo, video, recording or email to info@wansteadium.com – and tell us a bit about what you’ve done and why. Adults and children welcome.

Keith Coffey is kicking things off with this song and video he’s made. He writes:

This is my music isolation video. It’s meant to remind us that we’re all in this together. I put a call out to friends and family around the world and asked them to send me a positive video clip. I wrote and recorded this tune and put them together. This is the result.

4 thoughts on “Wanstead’s ‘Isolation Projects’: 1. Keith Coffey”

  1. We are loving the content of the site at this critical time.
    I am a former Wanstead resident born and bred, now living in America for the last 30+ years with a few stops on the way.
    I have travelled back to Wanstead year over year and have seen the great improvements in the community and on the high street first hand.
    Keep up the great spirit, communication and return the “Village” to its former glory just like before this awful virus struck us all.

    All the best. Jim D
    SC USA.

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