Wanstead’s massage surprise

Last week, Wansteadium reader Jana pointed out that the former Wanstead Sauna, which was closed earlier in the year after a police raid on the grounds that it was actually – as everyone knew – a brothel, had now reopened as a “Male Grooming Centre”. Ever-so slightly suspicious, she wondered what was really going on there, and asked: “Perhaps a male Wansteadium reader can pop along to see what’s on offer and report back!”

Stepping up to the mark is Gordon, whose public service Wansteadium has decided to take at face value, though further corroboration would be welcome. Gordon reports the following:

I am always up for a challenge and pleased to report back to the Wansteadium readers about my recent visit. I noted they offer sports massage as an avid golfer my back is not as good as I would like. The place is clean with what looks like a Tardos sunbed, I pre-booked my massage and can say the lady was very professional and knowlegable about sports matters. The massage was 1st class although a little on the pricey side at £80… Highly recommend the place and no smut at all.

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