Wanstead’s new cafe… ring any bells?

img_1270-2This is the look for the new coffee shop on Wanstead High Street, currently getting ready to open in its spot formerly occupied by the Orange Tree.

Apart from typical semantic whingeing from people like Wansteadium (how exactly can something be “Est” and “since”?), so far it looks smart and in keeping with the generally rising standards of shopfronts in Wanstead.

But there is something about the beige-on-brown which looks familiar… what can it be?… Any clues anyone?

30 thoughts on “Wanstead’s new cafe… ring any bells?”

  1. Wouldn’t it b amazing if this café did something abit different and concentrated on free from…..Organic coffees,nut milks,grain free/refined sugar free cakes/biscuits /bis reads ect. ….I can but dream😂😂😂

  2. Got to wish any new business well, but Wanstead is at saturation point with cafes and I feel sorry for their nearest neighbour Nice Croissant. I can’t see myself going here and putting NC at risk.

  3. Coffee shops are better than empty shops people. Stop moaning and be thankful we have a high street businesses are willing to invest in

  4. This is going to have to be very good with all the competition they’re going to have. Is their really enough people in Wanstead during the day to make this work? I wonder what else we’ve got coming to Wanstead to fill up all those empty spaces that have appeared over the last 12 months? I suspect more of the same, but I’m not sure there’s too many niches left to fill. The impact of high rents and rates, plus competition from Westfield, can’t make it easy for any new retail business in Wanstead.

    1. Exactly mark why don’t the people of Wanstead get it ,the average rent in Wanstead is between £20.0000 to £40.0000 a year it doesn’t take much to,work out how much a week it costs the buisness in Wanstead to open the doors before paying buisness rates and staffing costs ….. Come on Wanstead people get real

  5. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!
    Star date 2020. “Come to Wanstead High Street for wall to wall coffee, nothing else just coffee.”

  6. In case anyone failed to notice the sign actually say’s Panini, Pasta, Salad, Breakfast. Clearly coffee, which everyone is so against, is not the only thing on sale….

  7. That reminds me, can anyone clarify this, please?

    Is it ‘Nice Croissant’ or ‘Nice Croissant’?

    I’ve always said ‘Nice’ but my wife swears that it’s ‘Nice’.

  8. Ring any bells – yes, it is exactly the same tone of paint as used on the Whitechapel Bell Foundry exterior. Well noticed!

  9. If it is to be another cafe then one does excellent quality, good value cooked breakfasts and brunches. And possibly a drink licence. Standard coffee and cake already in abundance. A good book shop would be welcome.

    1. We had a book shop some years ago and it didn’t work with Internet and very high rents, prices a book shop would never survive

      1. I second this comment on the Oxfam book shop — it’s an absolute gem.

        Don’t understand why some people think there isn’t a bookshop — this is a marvelous one.

        There seems to constantly be new stuff coming in and there’s always several titles I end up buying. It’s a fantastic place to go serendipity shopping for books.

        In addition, the word has always been that it’s doing a roaring trade.

      2. To the people moaning about the people “moaning”— it’s not the beverage COFFEE in itself that anyone’s against, it’s the type of business — yet another “eaterie”/cafe/coffee-and-cake establishment, when we already have one in every second premises along the darn street.

        It makes the street astonishingly boring when every place is THE SAME KIND OF BUSINESS.

        I knew this street as a child and it had a lot more to offer — was shocked to return as an adult several years ago and find wall-to- wall “Same Shop”, by any other name. I honestly couldn’t believe how all these places can even sustain themselves in competition.

        Seriously, it’s a complete joke. And they’re all the same. Boring.

    1. There is enough of you complaining about ‘another coffee’ shop to do something about. It pool your money and buy a couple of shops and do something for the community.

  10. Café Chicchi is Wanstead High Street’s ninth café . The High Street has deteriorated massively in terms of shop variety in the near 40 years I have lived there. Lost so many interesting shops …antiques, Woolworths, cards/gifts, affordable butchers +more. It’s not a place to stroll and browse any longer unless the farmers’ market is on. Ideas ? A good old fashioned classy tea room would be a nice addition and put some character back . Any suggestions?

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