Welcome to the first Wanstead Social Secretary

Two weeks ago we mused that what was really needed round here was a social secretary – a public-minded individual who would undertake to maintain a calendar of events for the Wanstead populace.

Ladies and gentlemen, Wansteadium is delighted to introduce that person to you. She is Stephanie Pettigrew, a woman who though being a native of the wonderful city of San Francisco in the state of California feels increasingly at home in Wanstead as each day passes. The diary she will maintain is here on this very website, at the bottom of this page. It is, as they say, a work in progress, and event organisers are invited to contribute information to make it more complete.

You can submit your event information using this page here.

But in the meantime, would all readers join with Wansteadium in welcoming Stephanie to her new position.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the first Wanstead Social Secretary”

  1. Welcome Stephanie. I hope you’ll check out Wanstead Women’s Institute, which has lots of things on, including monthly meetings on the heart of Wanstead

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