Well… Christmas tree lights CAN be tricky…

So the scene was set, but just like the story so far of this year’s Wanstead Christmas tree, not everything went as expected.


But then…

#christmaslights fail in #wanstead

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All ends happily


11 thoughts on “Well… Christmas tree lights CAN be tricky…”

  1. I apologise to everyone who joined us for the tree lighting ceremony. The choirs, band and community spirit were spectacular but sadly lighting engineers were unable to rectify a fault while we were there. The tree is now lighting and I hope you and your families visit it and enjoy it!

  2. Big lol; this topic just keeps on giving.

    Fuse half-inched by Wanstead Reds in some act of subterfuge perhaps?

    Reassuring to see that local primary school kids have been offered up to sing for the Tories 😉

    Looks like badger lights again too…..

  3. Indeed, these things do happen and I know from first hand experience how disappointed all concerned would have been.

  4. Wonderful turnout for the Christmas tree and excellent community spirit, sad that the funds were raised under false pretences. Sevenkings and Hainault trees were arranged via the local authority, as was the one offered to, and turned down, to Wanstead.

  5. Colin B Cronin

    Re: Jsilver’s post. Please can you advise if it’s true that funds were made available for Christmas trees in other LB Redbridge locations and if so, why Wanstead’s wasn’t funded. Or, if the funding offer was turned down, who made that decision on Wanstead’s behalf and why.

    1. I do hope that this is not true: it would be a scandal if funds were available. Especially as the tree has some lovely advertising around its base to teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas. Was that the deal? That corporate donors were really buying advertising at the tree?

    2. Dear Monster Girl, you will not get a satisfactory reply from Cronin, because he and his fellow Tory Councillors painted themselves into a corner. Put simply they were overjoyed to hear that area committees were defunct and no longer the source for some funding, traditionally they paid for Christmas trees, a decision made every year and not guaranteed. Without thought to ask for other sources they gleefully ran to you and I as residents and cue the headlines, ‘Labour cancels Christmas etc etc.’ Sadly for Cllrs Nolan, Cronin and Dumn more intelligent Cllrs found there were other funding sources send were still fair enough to let the tree stooges know. Mortified they declined the tree for Wanstead and carried on asking us for money. Discussed in full Council in the Town Hall.

  6. I note the comments made by J Silver on this article. These are disingenuous remarks aimed at deflecting criticism of 2 Wanstead Councillors in voting against an amendment that reinstated funding for Wanstead’s tree. I received no communication offering a free tree or funding for a tree. What I do have are the minutes showing Who voted against the funding of a tree and lights in Wanstead during full Council and an email from the Deputy Leader of the Council confirming the tree’s cost would not be met by them.
    Sadly it appears that when 2 of the Councillors in Wanstead make a bad choice, they revert to politics by deception. I’d respect them more if they apologised for their error (they’re new too like some of us) and congratulated the community on coming together in such a successful campaign.

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