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Pub chain Wetherspoons has answered customers of the George who complained that the chain was selling its lease to another pub chain, as we reported on Friday.

Reader JanetPlanet, whose comment appeared to sum up the feelings of many, received this reply:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

We can confirm that the George pub is currently on the market however it will continue operating as a Wetherspoon pub until is sold and we very much hope that you will still enjoy the pub until then.

We understand that you, the pub’s other loyal customers and our dedicated members of staff will be disappointed with this decision, however JD Wetherspoon has made the decision on a commercial basis which we believe is in the best interest of the company as a whole. We hope customers will choose to visit our other pubs in the area.

We can confirm that staff will be given the opportunity for re-employment at other Wetherspoon pubs in the event that their pub is sold.

Nonetheless your comments and observations have been noted.
Thank you again for contacting us and for all your custom at the George.

Many thanks,
Wetherspoon Customer Services

8 thoughts on “Wetherspoons answers”

  1. Shame. My guess is that operating costs on the site are too high, most likely rent. Hopefully it’s just a negotiating tactic but sadly, more likely they’re off. Landlords reckon they’ll get more for rent from a pub that sells at prices the other local pubs charge which is considerably higher. We all lose out but that’s what happens in nicer areas, prices go up for everyone because the economics are that enough can afford it. This is a loss for Wanstead and its community.

    1. What fantastic news! Hopefully this is the end of the spoons in Wanstead. Begone microwaved food, grubby carpets and barflies! The company is pure scum and prioritises self interest over quality and community. With some luck it’ll be replaced with somewhere offering quality food which will clean the place up. A pox on the spoons

    2. I think you are exactly right here, gastro pub comes in goes bust and the George lies empty for years to come

  2. WE NEED OUR GEORGE! I am not a pub person, but for me the George is a place I visit most weeks & have no other I would go to. I meet friends, I enjoy the food, & like the friendly atmosphere. There is no other place like it that I know. Please please please keep it for us all! People of all ages,from infants up to the very aged, can come & feel comfortable, safe & welcome. There are other WETHERSPOONS, but only one GEORGE!

  3. Careolle , firstly you are spelling your own name wrong. It’s ‘Carole’. Second, there’s a pub just down the road called The Cuckfield. It’s similar to The George, but isn’t full of riffraff and alcoholics. There’s also a place called The Bull, formerly The Manor House. Apparently the pressure of calling it the Manor House raised expectations above the ambitions of the landlord and so they called it The Bull to more closely align it to the adjective you’d use to describe the food. It’s still much better than The George. I hope this helps. The children will have somewhere to play even if t The George burns (figuratively) to the ground unless my prayers are answered.

    1. Rubbish! The George is so special which is why so many use it. You are welcome to go elsewhere & leave us our wonderful George! Everything is wonderful, decor, accoustics, staff, atmosphere, food, beverages, alcohol, cleanliness – a most VALUABLE ASSET for Wanstead! We need our George!

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