We’ve been told

MP John Cryer is leaving us in no doubt of his feelings about social distancing following widespread reports of Wanstead Park and Wanstead High Street being – how to put this? – somewhat less than deserted over the weekend.

Several traders’ plans to continue offering service have revised their intentions – Bare Brew and Piccolo are among those who have decided to shut altogether rather than offer takeaways. Several hairdressers and barbers have also decided to close temporarily.

At the time of writing (Monday 11am), there are 45 cases of coronavirus reported in Redbridge.

5 thoughts on “We’ve been told”

  1. Interesting stat from a Documentary on C4 yesterday:
    Normal flu has a contagion ratio of 1.4. If you pass it on and it’s then passed on 10 times, 14 people will be infected.
    Covid-19 has a ratio of 3.0, for the same number of iterations, 59,000 people will be infected.

  2. What are we to do about FOOD?
    No takeaway
    Supermarkets, despite NO food shortages, are NOT refilling shelves.
    Don’t offer online as the answer. Many of us don’t have this facility.

  3. I notice that The Lighthouse fish and chips still has tables and chairs outside and there are people sitting there, congregating. They need to remove them.

  4. Yes. I was surprised to see the tables and chairs outside the Lighthouse. They should take them in so as not to encourage people to congregate

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