What came before Percy Ingle?

As Percy Ingle is redeveloped into a café and bakery, new owners Mark and Jane Farrier are trying to dig into the history of the spot.

Longstanding residents of Wanstead: Please apply your memories and add your comments… what was there in times gone past?

7 thoughts on “What came before Percy Ingle?”

  1. Assuming Percy Ingles was at No.6 Clockhouse Parade then the 1939 and 1955 Kelly’s directories give Bata shoes at that address. I think Clockhouse Parade was built sometime in the ‘30s as prior to then the shop numbers are different.

  2. Planning notice refers to No 5 but Kelly’s puts the greengrocers at No.7, and can I just see a No 6 top right of where the shop sign was?

  3. Hello Terry, thank you for taking the time to reply to the query. The existing shop is number 5 Clockhouse Parade. Do you believe that this was The Bata Shoe Shop and that the numbers have changed?

    1. Hi Jane, The numbers may have changed as Kelly’s lists Batas as being next door to the greengrocers, which I’m pretty sure has been there since my earliest recollection from the 1950’s. Sorry I’ve no information more recent than 1955. I remember Batas but can’t be definitive on location, but it was certainly there or thereabouts.

  4. The coop was to the left on the corner of the alley that used to be a double fronted shop in the 60s maybe that’s something to do with the numbers being different?

  5. The co-op used to be on the corner of the alley. This was a double fronted shop back in the 60s. Maybe that had something to do with the numbers being different?

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