Wheelie bins are coming

Redbridge is to trial the introduction of wheelie bins, potentially putting an end to piles of black bags and even possibly increasing the borough’s recycling rate.

The council says switching to wheelie bins could save £18m per year, and could help it get its recycling rate above 30%. It also believes wheelie bins help cut fly-tipping.

Another possibility being floated is that the borough could introduce a waste food caddy scheme, similar to those operated in other parts of London.

In a separate development, Redbridge has also announced that it is bringing its waste collection in-house, ending the contract it holds with Amey. A new council-owned company will manage and operate collections – all current staff will be retained and transferred to the new company.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Ending the contract and bringing the bin collection service in-house will mean the council finally has complete control over waste collections, rather than relying on a private contractor. This also gives the council more freedom to redesign and improve services to better serve residents.”

28 thoughts on “Wheelie bins are coming”

  1. What are you going to do with our existing bins? Why are you giving us bigger bins when we are supposed to cut down on rubbish? We don’t want or need. How will it save money when you have to supply the bins in the first place

    1. When you get them you’ll never look back! I can’t believe Redbridge don’t already have them – we are so far behind other Boroughs in waste disposal and management. This is a massive step forwards

  2. Finally!
    I remember a while back someone saying on here ‘oh but wheelie bins are ugle’. Well they are not as ugly as ripped bin bags all over the place from Foxes.

    So bring on the wheelie bins! It’s a yes from

    1. Don’t put black bin bags out then, what’s wrong with using a normal dustbin? The recycling staff cause more litter than foxes around our way!

  3. I agree with Carin. We keep our old style bin with lid at the back of the house and carry it through (it’s a terrace) to the front on rubbish collection day. The black bin bag stays inside so no danger from foxes, crows etc. We have no room in our front garden for a large, unsightly and unecessary wheelie bin.

    1. Do the same and old style plastic dustbins are light and keep foxes out.
      Who wants enormous wheelie bins, I suppose we will have 3, one for general rubbish and 2 more for plastic and paper, will look great left out all the time.

  4. I am certainly 100% for the whellie bins. Bring them on immediately as far as i am concerned. My neighbours put their bin bags out on the pavement on a sunday night and nearly every week the rubbish gets spread by animals all over the place. This morning i picked up a box , a carrier bag and 2 food containers blown in the wind to outside my property.
    Can i please get the whellie bins ASAP..

    1. Your neighbour should put them out an hour before the refuse truck arrives….end of problem. Or keep one at the back of your house and bring it through on collection day and then return in to the back after collection. What will happen with a wheelie bin is people will leave them out front (they are as ugly as in) and just put rubbish in them throughout the week. Wheelie bins are ugly, I will never have one,

      1. Just read the blurb on the council website. Looks very much to me like they have already decided to introduce them and are engaging in a little “confirmation bias”. Wow!

  5. I am a single person household and usually only have one small bag that I put in a small kitchen-type rubbish bin in my front garden, plus recycling. I have no room in my front garden for one or more wheelie bins which I don’t need anyway. We all need to produce less rubbish and wheelie bins only encourage us to bin more. This looks like a case of one size fits all and not customer friendly for everyone. Never mind, at least it suits the Council.

  6. They should pick up food once a week and everything else once a month. People should not be throwing so much stuff away. After all, where is ‘away’?

  7. Living in a terraced house I am not overjoyed at having a wheelie bin (or two?) in my front garden.Since we don’t put our black bags out until the morning of collection we have no problem with foxes. Love the idea of food waste caddies though.

  8. We don’t need massive ugly wheelie bins. Where on earth do people get enough rubbish to fill one? Unless they do, as some I’ve known in other boroughs, fill them with items that should be taken to the local recycling/refuse centre. They’re a dirty, smelly eyesore. Food waste caddies are a good idea.

    1. This is a good question. Perhaps, maybe, evidence shows areas which have wheelie bins suffer less from flytipping than those that don’t? A bit of a stretch to see the logic there, though.

      1. in my experience fly-tipping is mostly builders waste. so dont see how wheelie bins will help unless people sneak it into the bins.

  9. We have a dustbin which I put a bag in and also wash the bin out when needed. I hate wheelie bins. How can wheelie bins stop fly tipping? If people are too lazy to go to the tip or arrange for a collection they will not change.

  10. The reason for wheelie bins is to prepare the way for less frequent collections. Elsewhere people can have as many as 4 bins, plus food caddy, that are collected on a 4 week cycle. Much of Redbridge has terraced housing and this system is difficult to manage with terrave particularly where a house has been converted to flats with perhas as many as 8 or 12 bins at the front. Do not make this change, keep weekly collections and retain an uncluttered street scape.

  11. We don’t need these monstrosities – they are so big and ugly. As someone else said, the ‘one size fits all’ approach is flawed. Furthermore, how on earth can the council sanction the cost of the bins when they are constantly cutting back on other services. No doubt our Council Tax will be hiked to cover it.

  12. that’s a real pity. nothing has done so much to destroy the london urban landscape as much as wheelie bins and for people in terraced houses with tiny front gardens, it’s going to be so much worse. Surely there are other solutions. We keep our plastic bag in the bin and just shift the bin to our boundary and take the lid off the night before the collection is made. A sad day and who needs yet more plastic monstrosities which are themselves just yet more plastic rubbish on our planet.

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