Wheelie roll-out

The long-awaited roll-out of wheelie bins across Wanstead is about to take place, residents have been told, with bins being delivered in the coming weeks.

All properties have been assessed by Redbridge officials for their suitability for wheelie bins, and those which are deemed not suitable will be receiving red bin bags instead.

The information circulated by Redbridge confirms that the borough collects the fifth highest amount of rubbish in England. We don’t believe we’ve seen a logical explanation for this, but perhaps wheelie bins might bring the borough into line with other councils

Intriguingly the leaflet promises a “bin amnesty” – for those go-ahead households who bought their own wheelie bins and now would be landed with two. Well, the council is offering to help take unwanted bins off their hands.

What will happen to the conventional bins houses have had for years and years is less clear. Guess they’ll be have to be thrown away. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, huh?

10 thoughts on “Wheelie roll-out”

  1. I understand the need to get rid of black plastic rubbish sacks which rip but proper lidded dustbins are perfectly functional so why replace them. More plastic waste.

    1. Clearly you don’t have a small terraced house then. The wheely bin – if wheeled from rear garden through the house – would drag mud and other debris through the whole house. We have the smaller version and they are still very heavy to lift. Ours has to therefore stay in our non-existent front patch and is extremely unsightly. Each time it’s bin day, I still have to lift it up, otherwise it drags mud and gravel everywhere, especially in this weather.

      Plus, random passerbys seem to think it’s a bin for their rubbish. I once caught a woman throwing a half eaten ice cream cone into my recycling box (again kept in front) before walking past the rubbish bin on the street.

      LBR probably has a high rate of rubbish because it recycles so little, forcing us to put in rubbish instead.

  2. I agree with Lindsay. Our black lidded dustbin is fully fit for purpose and can easily be carried through the house (terrace) from the back to the front once a week with a sealed black bin bag inside. No room in our front garden for a wheelie bin. Don’t understand the reasoning for wheelies for all and how will the red bin bags work? Are they fox and crow proof? Seems like a waste of money.

    1. I would think its easier to carry (or wheel) the wheelie bin through a terrace house than carrying a traditional dustbin?

      I too dont understand why LBR are fifth worst in England?!

  3. I would like some more info on the trial that they ran. As far as I can see there has been no community consultation on this nor have the results of the trial been shared. As I recall the first announcement that came out a few months ago had some spurious assertions and comments on the current situation. I live on the Aldersbrook in one of the many terraces with a small front garden full of vegetation. I am not at all sure where I am expected to put the bin and will not want to wheel it through the house each week. I am pretty sure the survey will have decided that I can accommodate a wheeliebin because I have a front path. My mum lives in a house with a drive and large front garden. Wheeliebins work well in that context, but not for terraced houses. I have written to the council to ask about the trial and the process of consultation. I have also asked about the red bag option and how wheelibins fit with our recently restated conservation area status where modifications to the aesthetics of the front of houses are being more regulated.

    1. I just said the same thing. We are on one of the ‘trial’ roads. At no time have we been contacted to ask our opinion. We were sent a communication along the lines of – it’s gone well so we’re rolling it out everywhere. It was obvious from the start that this was no trial.

      1. this administration is dishonest about consultations. it did the same re parking restrictions (nb – im in a favour of the wheelie bins generally but im not in favour of mock consultations).

  4. A long time ago we were told that there would be a trial. The next we knew was to be told “you’re all getting wheelie bins”. What happened to the trial? The bins are just not suitable for terraced houses with small from gardens and certainly would detract from the aesthetics to the front of the houses.

  5. We’ve managed very well with a modest sized unobtrusive regular dustbin.It has a clip on the lid to deter the clever foxes and I think quicker to extract the sacks from inside to toss in the back of the lorry instead of having to wheel out the cumbersome new wheelie bins. The giant wheele bins will certainly be an eyesore and a strange choice in a conservation area.We were never given a choice,it’s been imposed!

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