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  1. Please don’t park it on the pavement: that’s where people walk, or push prams, or use wheelchairs.

    Please …

    1. Behave yourself,
      A) it’s not even in the way there is plenty of pavement available to pass by!
      B) There’s no law that states I can’t park there.
      C) Until Redbridge council install lock up points all along the entire district so bikes can chain lock and securely park on the road I will continue to park there.
      D) mind your own business!

  2. I am with Phil. Calm down… Cyclists using pavements are more of a concern than a static parked quad which is in an area with plenty of space.

  3. Here here martin. I too am a cyclist and I’m surprised at the amount of people who cycle on the pavement in wanstead!
    FYI thanks for the support.

  4. Some people really really do not have much of a life Phil…..and remember that if you have kids that is a top trump card for moaning about a load of old nothing.
    P.S great reply

  5. Leave Phil alone, he’s not doing anything wrong and there are too many prams in Wanstead so why not use a sling?

  6. This is a quad bike of which there are several for sale in The Jet shop South Woodford.

    Rather than glorifying the thing, should you not ask why a motor vehicle with a licence plate I’d parked illegally on the pavement and being driven on the same? Why has it not been subjected to a ticket from the over-zealous wardens? It has been there all week, probably belongs to someone in the Cuckfield who thinks he is above the law.

  7. Firstly and most importantly it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the cuckfield, I’ve been parking in the same spot for 18 months now. I’m amazed that certain people don’t have better things to do with there time than sticking there noses in, there are far worse issues on this planet!! (First world problems aye!)

  8. If anyone wants to discuss any issues they have, I’m sure face to face is far better than hiding in a dark room tapping away at a keyboard!
    You can find me on facebook I’ve commented on the post there.

  9. Blimey. So many intolerant angry people in Wanstead. I feel sorry for Phil. The very fact his quad bike has appeared on this website suggests it is a subject of interest and curiosity. Celebrate people and focus your attention on more important matters.

    Compton Akers – when you say “personally” does that mean you usually ask other people to report such things?

  10. Not that Wansteadium has any views of its own, but it would beseech everyone to be friendly, polite and constructive. As well as being the Wansteadish thing to do, it’s the houserule for commenting. Thank you everyone.

  11. When I first saw it I thought- whats the owner of that mobility scooter doing leaving it there? Then I realised what it was and thought- who needs one of those here in town, aren’t they for rugged rural terrain and for rounding up sheep? 🙂

  12. I push my buggy past it often. Actually, my little boy toddles past it too and he loves looking at it. Thanks Phil, for brightening up the High St with your crazy quad-bike. Long may you continue to have the freedom to do so!

  13. Patricia I have a mile long driveway and it’s all rugged terrain, although it appears in wanstead it doesn’t mean I only drive it there!

  14. @Phil, can you please tell us why you should be exempt from the Law? The law clearly states that obstructing the footway and driving a vehicle on the footway are offences. If everyone acted in your selfish way, there would be chaos. Why do you not go and hire a garage for £20 or so a week? I will be personally be writing to the authorities as my secretary is too busy next week complaining about your behaviour.

    Your contraption is not a bicycle incidentally, it is a motor vehicle.

  15. As a regular cycling commuter I take a great deal of notice of the law as other road users disregard put my safety at risk. If we talk about the letter of the law for Phil it should be noted that childrens’ scooters and roller skates are also illegal on footpaths but my kids do it.
    If it causes no danger and no inconvenience then so be it. Let’s put our efforts in stopping dangerous driving and leave these minor issues be.

  16. Writing to the council? Expect a response within 18 months at the earliest.

    If we keep policing things from our bedrooms at this rate, my boys first words will be :
    “nail bar, beauty salon, nail bar, beauty salon”

    Wanstead high street will only be used for organised drive by sight seeing. It will be like Beamish from up ‘Norf.

  17. Ooooh he will be personally writing to the council instead of his secretary or his butler Phil…..hopefully the powers that be will put it with the rest of his long winded letters in the “To Do”

  18. Quick!! Groupon are selling 49cc Quad Bikes today for £179!!!

    I have ordered one. Just need a pavement to park it on now.

  19. As far as I know I’m not the manager of the cuckfield, so let’s not pretend we know what we’re talking about.
    Leave the cuckfield out if it, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with it!!

  20. I walk by that quadbike everyday and the only inconvenience it has caused me is that I slow down to admire it. Just like when we had a fantastic display of mopeds outside the Pie & Mash shop a few weeks back (also safely parked on the pavement). We should embrace all things unique and interesting on our high street!

  21. That comment has been awaiting moderation longer than my joint’s been in the oven. What’s mrwanstead got that I haven’t?

  22. Ah- I must build up a history. Fair enough. Whilst on the subject of rogue vehicles on the pavement, what about the Papa John’s moped drivers that whizz up on the pavement rather than dismounting?

  23. Sumo Fresh do it too… Let us not have selected blindness people. If we force out business all we will have is a High Street full of empty units. We already have a number of them, that and shops with smashed windows almost every week (Boots/Tesco lately).

    Sometimes we have to give a little. My mother-in-law who still lives in her home town grew up in one of the poorest estates known to man. However she has now become the equivalent of Hyacinth Bucket because she has moved to a ‘better’ area.
    What irks me is that she seems to forget her roots and the struggle to get to get to where she is today. She wants to live in a town like ‘Downton Abbey’ but it simply is not going to happen.

    Unfortunately we cannot always live the dream. If a Quad Bike or a Scooter on a pavement is causing you to lose sleep at night then you are doing pretty well for yourself! I lose a lot of sleep, most of it worrying about if I can actually afford a visit to a Pub or a Take-Away.

  24. A history of previous comments, whatever do you mean? I feel like a marked man now….I’ll have to be extra nice from now on 😉

  25. People really need to relax. This is not doing anyone any harm.
    There are much greater issues in the world
    PS – Phil, nice bike. 🙂

  26. Nice bike Phil, puts a smile on my little boys face whenever we walk past…. which puts a smile on my face! Just another storm in a teacup!!

    1. My little boy is also convinced that Batman must live in our High Street. Don’t disappoint him Phil……!!

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