Work begins?

Work appears to have begun on the controversial café kiosk on Christchurch Green. The development has been opposed by many people living nearby, and by High Street traders, though it’s not clear what the view is more widely and by users of the park.

In other news, Redbridge Council last week approved a £2m plan to upgrade all public toilets in the borough, including the adjacent block on the Green. This is certainly a good thing, in these times when public toilets seem to be disappearing.

Also noted is Wanstead Councillor Paul Donovan’s support for a Friends of Christchurch Green group bringing together people with an interest in the green, to help determine the future use of the space.

He wrote in the local Guardian:

Christchurch Green is in the centre of our community. It is the place where the Wanstead Festival and other community events take place and come to life. It is a space that belongs to us all – though with sometimes competing views.

There has been rancour amongst some over some recent developments. But nothing that cannot be resolved going forward.

Councillors have agreed to attend a meeting next month to discuss future developments on Christchurch Green.

Hopefully, this can be the start of a really positive dialogue, maybe a Friends of Christchurch Green group can be established, which empowers people to play a role in shaping the future of this green lung at the heart of Wanstead. It’s up to people to decide.

6 thoughts on “Work begins?”

  1. I’m just here for the comments of outrage. I know many here are still recovering from Christmas Treegate. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

  2. Unbelievable!!
    The meeting to discuss the proposed kiosk and general use of Christchurch Green was postponed from last Saturday till the coming Saturday and yet there’s hoardings up to commence work!

    What a farce. After losing the first round due to the number of valid objections a closed meeting agreed the plans.

    It’s obvious that Vision and local councillors involved in this ill-advised project have no respect for the people of Wanstead, nor our wishes for a clean, safe environment.

  3. Agree with all only care about trying to claw back some money to cover their huge deficit!local people don’t come into it as far as they’re concerned,

  4. If Paul Donovan and our other local councillors really cared about Christchurch Green they would not have allowed the ghastly tank ruining the grass instead of renewing the inadequate litter containers. They would not allow this beautiful Green to be despoiled by commercial activities and they would attempt to preserve the Conservation of this area rather than allow increasing drop downs and paving over of front gardens. Large areas such as Wanstead and Valentines Parks can well support a small cafe/kiosk as they can be situated far from residential homes but regular commercial activity until 10 p.m. will prove a nightmare to local families living near to Christchurch Green.

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