Wanstead High Street & New Wanstead & Hermon Hill all chockablock on Monday morning with queueing traffic. Suspect this might be the reason and that it could be like this for some weeks…

Front page


Best of luck to the new Turkish barber opening in the former Closet site. It’s good to see such a prime spot on the High Street being occupied again.



BUT, dear reader, please allow Wansteadium a moment of wistfulness for the lost shopfront which had been a feature of the shop for at least 100 years, according to photographs of previous tenants. There was a charm about the old which is now gone. But good luck nevertheless to the new venture.

Bluebell boycott

This year Wansteadium is minded to boycott photographs of bluebells in Wanstead Park – we don’t want to be accused of encouraging people to walk on the bulbs to get pictures… walking on them destroys the flowers, compacts the soil, damages bulbs and can prevent flowers growing in future years. We know it’s a bit miserable, but we think the boycott is the right thing to do.