Sshh. Wanstead Domino’s has opened


They clearly don’t want anyone noticing, but we believe Domino’s in Wanstead is opening. Lots of people (presumably Domino’s execs) hanging around on Monday morning, hoping no one would notice.

Even the sign appears to conform to the letter and the spirit of the regulations for Wanstead High Street, with no internal lighting to the sign – getting a cautious approval from the Wanstead Society’s Scott Wilding on the Wansteadium Facebook page:

“They have made an effort with the shop front as far as I can tell, which is good.”

The shop was for years occupied by the Dun Huang takeaway but has been standing empty for too long.

There is even a mandatory ‘L’ plate visible if you look carefully.

As always on this blog, we wish congratulations and good luck to the new venture.

M&S for Wanstead: It’s a yes

Unconfirmed rumours have been swirling round Wanstead for months now, with M&S themselves given little information about their intentions away.

But this planning application, rather strangely gaffer-taped to a lamp-post near the George, seems to give the game away.


157 Wanstead High Street is the new building bring finished next door to the George, the site of the original Kinema.

So, unless this is part of an elaborate hoax, it looks like it’s takeaway crème brûlées all round!

(Thanks Dave Buba)

Saving Snaresbrook garden and other ‘makes you proud of Wanstead’ news

IMG_0270 IMG_0274Marian Temple writes:
A few years ago the staff at Snaresbrook station started a little garden behind platform two.  Commuters loved it and brought plants so it developed into a nice little higgledy piggledy community effort.
However, a garden only lasts as long as the gardeners and now that London Underground has changed its staffing structure with staff being sent to different stations on a daily basis, the gardeners are no longer there.
It doesn’t take long for a garden patch to deteriorate and if we lost this, we’d lose something which adds interest and character to the station.
Wanstead Community  Gardeners can’t take it on, we’re full to the gills already. However, we have met with the Area Manager and suggested a Commuter Gardening Group to take care of this platform garden. She was very keen on the idea. Anyone interested in helping?
Meet us as Snaresbrook Station this Sunday, 12 March, at 11.30 and be in at the start of this project.  Any queries, contact”
Meanwhile, in other news, the Spring Clean Up which took place last Saturday had a great response. Organiser Dan Slipper writes:

“Local residents as well as community groups including the Wanstead Society, Clean Up Our Neighbourhood and Goodgym Redbridge took part in the initiative.

Armed with litter pickers, sturdy gloves and heavy duty rubbish bags participants tackled areas such as George Green, Christ Church and Cambridge Park as well as local footpaths.

There are now plans to hold regular litter picking events.  If you would like to be involved please get in touch.


New market

veg_stallAn area can’t have too many farmers’ markets, and the good news is that the one in Aldersbrook which was tried out before Christmas is returning on Saturday.

Screenshot 2017-03-09 20.28.46The Aldersbrook Farmers’ Market  will be indoors at Aldersbrook Bowling Club – so a bit more boutique than the monthly market on Wanstead High Street – but it sounds great nevertheless. It will take place from 10am until 2pm.

On offer will be locally produced Larkswood Honey, Giggly Pig sausages, gourmet salads, artisan bread, Tiffin food, and charcuterie, sausage rolls, scotch eggs & other delights from local chef Duncan Cruickshanks.

Founder Mark McKee said: “We’re still trialling it out, so it remains to be seen if we do this quarterly or monthly, so the more stalls we have, along with the continued support of our community, the better. Who wants to traipse to a dreary supermarket on a Saturday morning when you can come to Aldersbrook Farmers’ market, get a really good coffee, purchase some high quality food and hang out with your fellow Aldersbrookers and Wansteadians?”

More Taboo

tomhardyThe Tom Hardy BBC series Taboo, briefly Wanstead’s favourite TV programme on account of its opening scenes being filmed in St Mary’s church on Overton Drive, is to return for a second series.

But any hopes for more filming in Wanstead are surely in vain – bearing in mind how the first series ended (Spoiler alert: Delaney fleeing England for the Azores and his sister dead).

Mysterons return to Wanstead in disguise?

Grainy footage obtained over the weekend

The sight, earlier this year, of the Mysterons on Wanstead pavements – white rings painted all over the place – turned out to be a false alarm. They were just the places where signs for the proposed-but-ditched-but-could-return parking regulations were to be sited.

But a new crop of white marks has taken their place. Any clues, anyone??