Reupholstering Wanstead

img_0205-2Wansteadium is running a campaign to highlight people the shops and traders who help make Wanstead. And in doing so, we hope to give readers the opportunity to make local choices and thus play a part in making Wanstead.


Next up is upholsterer Alix Senior, who writes:
“I re-upholster old pieces of furniture including dining chairs, armchairs and stools as well as making soft furnishings. I studied textiles at university and wanted to find a career where I could put my insane love of fabrics and vintage furniture into practice. I love that my job allows me to take old relics, often with sentimental value, and make them last longer by putting in new fillings and covering them with beautiful fabrics. Reupholstering means that we get to use things that normally end up on the side of the road, and also allows clients to be more individual with their style choices and have something unique in their home that they can treasure for many more years to come.


“I set up Blanket Upholstery on my own after moving to our home near Wanstead Flats where I live with my husband and two daughters. Wanstead and the surrounding areas are great as I work part-time and spend the rest of my days with the kids getting out to the playground or, more recently now the weather has turned, we love a visit to Wanstead Library. I’ve got all sorts of clients from people who have lived in the area for decades, to people like me who have moved to E11 more recently to get a better quality of life or starting a family without having to leave London.”



Alix can be contacted at her website. And if you’d like to be featured in Wanstead is made in Wanstead – or you’d like to offer help – get in touch with us via

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