The Wanstead video you always wanted to see

Still from Figaro Cars video

This newly-released video is a beauty, and it comes very happily just as we are celebrating things which make Wanstead.

img_0205-2The little garage at the top of Grosvenor Road which has all those cool cars outside is featured in the video which will give passers-by the glimpse of what’s going on inside that they have long wanted to see.

The garage is Figaro Cars. The cars are Nissan Figaros (as driven by Andrew Marr, Sarah-Jane Smith and Vanessa Feltz). The video is made by Moritz Schmittat. Enjoy.

(iPhone users might need to click here to see the video. Apparently there is a problem with YouTube videos.)

7 thoughts on “The Wanstead video you always wanted to see”

  1. 42 seconds in, a silver car reverses really fast, dangerously fast, up towards the High Street!

    Also, health and safety police… Where are the goggles when he is welding?

      1. It is a J prefix.
        Black & Silver plates can only be used for cars manufactured before 1st January 1975.
        J prefix registrations can only be used on cars registered from 1991 onwards.

        Therefore the car is far too new to be legally permitted to display a black & silver number plate.

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