A bench for Jill

Family and friends of Jill Stock, the much-loved Wanstead character who was killed in a road traffic collision last year, are raising money for a bench on Wanstead High Street in her memory.

Jill was a stalwart of community activities, including Neighbourhood Watch, PTAs, street parties and many small acts of kindness. Her daughter Kate, writing on a fundraising site, said:

Mum was a friend to so many –  she would do anything to help someone in need. She cared for everyone, especially the old and vulnerable, and she hated injustice. When something was wrong and needed resolving nobody was more tenacious than our Mum. She loved Wanstead – she said it was ‘a very special community’ so in her memory, we’d like to put a bench in Wanstead High Street in memory of this very special person.

Contributions can be made via this page.

One thought on “A bench for Jill”

  1. Miss her….but oh my she would have been half embarrassed but also very touched by this….Kate and Polly what about a tree too if there is enough left? Well done my lovelies xxx

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