Book launch: Body Language by A.K. Turner (Anya Lipska)

Wansteadium was delighted to host Wanstead Bookshop’s first book launch – the new thriller from A.K. Turner, the author formerly known as Anya Lipska (above).

Alison joined us via Zoom, along with award-winning advanced pathology technician Barbara Peters – who has helped Alison with many of her insights. 


Wanstead Bookshop book launch: A.K. Turner's Body Language from Giles Wilson on Vimeo.

The book is the first tale involving Camden mortuary assistant Cassie Raven, who is convinced she can hear the last thoughts of the dead person in front of her. It has had great reviews and will delight people who enjoyed Alison’s previous Kiszka and Kershaw series. 

You can order the book below from Wanstead Bookshop, or go to the online shop itself.