A bit more Italy for Wanstead

IMG_1609Wanstead’s newest cafe, the gastronomia called More Italy, has opened with a bit of authentic Europe on offer. 

The cafe is run by Italian brothers who import their own goods, many from farms run by their own family and members of a co-operative.  They promise that these farms “cultivate and produce organic mixed vegetables, organic olives and fresh fruits, honey, pasta, rice, vinegars, truffles, jams, sauces, pates, pestos, biscuits, sweets, that become the best, simple and traditional Italian products”.

As is traditional on these pages, we wish the new venture good luck. And here is Suki Orange’s initial verdict. Other reviews welcome below.

sukibigSuki Orange, Wansteadium’s erstwhile food blogger, writes: “Anyone who’s eaten in a cafe in Italy knows the sensation – the tastes are heightened, the flavours fresh, the experience miles away from soggy sarnies with limp lettuce. Sitting outside More Italy on a sunny day – so long as you close your eyes – you can almost trick yourself into thinking it’s summer holiday time. Foccacia with tomato, mozzarella and pesto. Simple but wonderful I will definitely be back.

“When I do go back, though, there are a couple of things I’d like to see. I’d like a menu up on the wall, telling me what I can have and how much it costs. It’s very nice to be able to freestyle your own sandwich, but I’d still like a menu. I’d like to see some smaller sandwiches on offer too. My focaccia cost me £7 – it was big and worth it – but there is a need in Wanstead for something between £3.50 and £5. Anything more than that is too expensive for a weekday lunch. And I can’t wait for all Vincenzo’s staff to get fully up to speed. I need my coffee pronto. If all those things happen this is going to be a wonderful place.”


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  1. I love the sweeping generalisation by Suki Orange about “soggy sarnies with limp lettuce”. Where does she normally buy her lunch? In 1976?

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