A dog hotel, of course

This is just what Wanstead needs. A hotel for dogs.

Jane and Mike Walton are launching a venture which will offer holidaying dog-owners an alternative to kennels. Basically the pooches can come and stay with them in their home.


They are telling potential customers:

Our inspiration for starting our dog hotel is the fact that over the years we’ve never found anywhere we’d happily leave our much-doted-on dogs, and so have only holidayed where they could come too – which sadly does cut out quite a lot of sunbathing. We’re offering  the opportunity for you to leave your dog/s with us while you enjoy a holiday on an “our house, your rules” basis. If your pets are used to being snuggled up on the sofa at home, then they will be allowed the same here. Are your dogs allowed upstairs to sleep in your room in their own beds? Then that too is fine with us! We only accept up to two dogs at any time, and they live with us as part of our family. The dogs get the love and attention they deserve, whilst you relax knowing they are well cared for

Owners will supply the dog’s regular food, and bring its toys, lead, bed etc for the stay. For the truly obsessive owner, Jane and Mike will also send picture message updates on how things are going.

Anyone interested can contact them via jane@style.demon.co.uk.


14 thoughts on “A dog hotel, of course”

  1. What a fantastic idea. I have already copied your email details to my diary in case we need a loving home for Reggie [French Bulldog] at sometime. On the odd occasion we do not take him with us and friends are also away I cannot think of anywhere better to leave him as he would have a breakdown if we took him to kennels as he’s a loving/needy dog!!

  2. Jane and Mike are a lovely couple. Alfie our whippet was looked after so well when he stayed with them for a week. I particularly liked the regular photos they sent me so I could see how relaxed he was.

  3. The lovely Jane has looked after our puppy poodle a few times now and can 100% say she truly got the poodle pampering . The photo updates of her on a walk and curled up and all cosy on the chair put my mind at rest .
    This is 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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