A horse called Wanstead

Belatedly we discover a racehorse in the US by the name of Wanstead. How the existence of this animal could have escaped Wansteadium’s notice is a mystery – we have some of the finest Google alerts going – but it seems we have.

So we’re sad to report that this fine beast, a six-year-old gelding, ran in a race at the Aquaduct racetrack in New York on Saturday, but broke its right front leg and fell at the start of the race. It was put down there and then. Or “euthanized”, as the Americans put it.

Commiserations all round. It would have been fun to have a horse to follow.

One thought on “A horse called Wanstead”

  1. WANSTEAD High Road, is one of the best areas
    to visit, due to what we call The French
    Cafe’, plus Boots, Banks, Fish & Chips & the
    Park to both rest in or enjoy a pic-nic!
    Being disabled for 6 years after a level 4
    major brain bleed, my husband, doesn’t
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    Recently, for any people interested in birds
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    I have lived in our home, since I was 21 & am
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    Thanks for reading this to anyone who has
    Sue Knight

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