A moment to treasure

IMG_1697The sight of thousands of pounds being invested in Wanstead High Street as its new butcher and greengrocer simultaneously take shape. And for the other traders on the High Street their arrival won’t come a moment too soon – the closure of AG Dennis and Harvey’s has apparently taken its toll on the number of shoppers on the street (as opposed to driving to Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco or Asda).

10 thoughts on “A moment to treasure”

  1. Redbridge have to implement the same rules for all of the areas that they control.

    Unfortunatley it means some areas will see change and as a result it will have a negative impact. But in other areas it will benefit them.

    The greengrocer example is no different to the £1 per bowl traders elsewhere. Trading on the pavement is trading on the pavement, it does not matter what or where.

    Hopefully people can understand and appreciate this and move on.

    1. Why should we ‘move on’?

      What rules are Redbridge implementing?

      Not doubting you, I’d just like to know more of what the facts are here

  2. The Ginger Pig is not a cheap butcher. If you are looking for cheap, you’d be better off sticking to the low rent supermarkets to source your meat.

    I like The Ginger Pig because of the quality and transparency in the sourcing of their produce. I am willing to pay a premium to know exactly where my meat has come from and therefore be assured of the welfare of the animal when it was being reared. The fact it tastes so good doesn’t hurt either!

    The ginger pig has thrived in several other London locations because enough people share those priorities over cost. I hope the same will be true of Wanstead residents.

  3. Does anyone know what is happening with the greengrocers? They have a really nasty notice posted on cardboard on their entrance.

  4. We also need to support the new cafe Italy and restaurant Bombetta (which has its licence hearing on 26th – objections over alcohol licence unfortunately). Not sure why anyone would object!

    1. Presumably from the rented flats above.

      Live next to tube track, live next to tube station exit, moan about modest Italian eaterie license……

  5. Nicola – I bought some fantastic scallops from Kevin earlier and am looking forward to having them for my supper.


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