Mystery of the missing Churchill

Drinkers in the George are curious as to what has become of a portrait of Winston Churchill which has been hanging in the pub for the past few years.

The picture is about 10 feet square, and is a montage of photographs of the faces of Wanstead residents, formed into the face of the former Wanstead MP.

But it’s now been removed, and rumours are circulating that Wetherspoons has decided to take it down. One customer told Wansteadium: “Everyone is extremely upset that it has been removed. The portrait was donated to the pub by the artist and Churchill’s face was made up of local residents, some of whom are sadly no longer alive.”

Another wrote to say: “It was just as you walked in – you could not miss it (we do now).”

Wansteadium has contacted Wetherspoons for a comment.

2 thoughts on “Mystery of the missing Churchill”

  1. I think once people of Wanstedium fell out with them for the glass partition and caused trouble for them with the Council, they decided to cut ties…

  2. Not sure where my comment from yesterday vanished to, yet the basic information I gave is now expanded upon in the newest article. :/

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