The mysterious yellow spots of Wanstead

Wansteadium reader Pete Daly writes:

For several years I have suffered from small yellow spots on the paintwork of my car and everywhere else for that matter. Washing, window ledges and garden furniture. This year it seems to have got worse. I washed my car yesterday and there must be more than a hundred spots on it now. I have Googled the problem and can’t find anything from the UK. People in the US have suggested bird or bee droppings but given the number of spots I would think that one could “spot” the culprits flying over the area and I have seen nothing. The spots are about 1/8th of an inch in diameter and are wet when they first land. They dry very quickly and are hard to remove. They are a kind of dull mustard colour (French of course) I have a theory that they may be sulphurous deposits from passing aircraft exhausts. The fact that they have got worse recently may be due to the recent redirection of flights from City Airport. They are a real nuisance and could possibly be a health hazard. I may try to get samples analysed if nobody knows what they are. Hopefully the denizens of Wansteadium will be able to throw some light on the problem. Keep up the good work this is a great website

7 thoughts on “The mysterious yellow spots of Wanstead”

  1. Me too! Every morning there’s a few of those spots on my windscreen. I’d love somebody to analyse what they actually are.
    Another mystery to be filed alongside the ‘Wanstead Bangs’!

  2. Tree sap or general airborne pollen settling on surfaces was my first thought. It’s the time of year for pollen.

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