A new contender for Wanstead High Street

Wanstead’s Tesco may only be four months old, but the newest entrant to Wanstead High Street seems to indicate that the giant’s juggernaut-like qualities haven’t yet squished out all other entrepreneurs.

A 7-eleven opened on Sunday in the former Thresher premises at the top of Wellington Road. It’s selling a fairly conventional range of convnience store products, with newspapers, magazines and fruit and veg coming next week.

And while it’s hardly the high end boutique that the High Street might have wanted in the wake of Horsfall and Wright’s departure, at least it’s better than another empty shopfront.

One thought on “A new contender for Wanstead High Street”

  1. I’m disgusted that this is there – I hadn’t noticed it so thanks for bringing it to my attention. It cheapens the area. Much like the bookies that opened at the George end of the high street.

    It’s unfortunate that in this climate – money speaks louder than retaining the natural beauty of the area. Surely there must have been a notification to ask residents what they thought of this development – no?

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