Inside Wanstead’s Buddhist temple

Wanstead’s own Buddhist temple in Blake Hall Road is a lesser-known tourist attraction.

Ian from has posted the video essay of the Wat Buddharam temple, below, and says:

This is a lovely temple situated in a normal suburban house.The four monks who live there are very friendly and speak good English – always worth a visit and if you go at the weekend at 11.00 am you will be able to partake in delicious Thai food offered to the monks once they have finished their main meal of the day.

The monks have had planning battles largely because of noise and parking issues, as documented here in the Wanstead Guardian, but can apparently still operate as a temple so long as they don’t hold festivals.

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  1. Please feel free to visit the Thai Buddhist Temple on Blake’s Road – you will be more than welcome at any time and if you go on Saturday or Sunday they serve food before 11.00am

  2. Is the buddhist temple/house still open for visitors. I’d love to come and visit one Saturday!

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