A new police station (of sorts)

Ten years after the Metropolitan Police flogged off Wanstead Police Station, it seems there is something of a return to a local-ish presence.

A new “hub” is being opened in Woodford which will have 20 officers based there, including the Safer Neighbourhood Teams for Wanstead Park, Wanstead Village, South Woodford and other areas. It’s a joint venture between Redbridge and the Met.

In a press release, Redbridge Council said:

The new Woodford Police Hub will be home to at least 20 police officers working in partnership with council staff and Redbridge Housing Officers to prevent antisocial behaviour and support local people across the west of Redbridge.

Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams from Wanstead Park, Wanstead Village, South Woodford, Churchfields, Bridge, and Monkhams will call the new Police Hub home, bringing them closer to their neighbourhoods and cutting down on travel time.

The new Police Hub will sit on the Orchard Estate in Woodford, within 10 minutes travel time of South Woodford, Wanstead, and Monkhams. The Woodford Police Hub follows the installation of Redbridge Enforcement Hubs in Ilford and Hainault, the Mobile Enforcement Hub, and the expanded Town Centre Police Team as the latest development in Redbridge Council’s plan to put police back into the heart of the communities they service.

Wanstead Police Station closed in 2013 after 127 years in service on Spratt Hall Road. The closure came a year after thieves stole the station’s roof.

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