A new set of questions for Redbridge Council

IMG_3482Redbridge Council has backed down on the full extent of its dramatic plans to change parking restrictions in Wanstead, and is promising some consultation. But there are many unanswered questions to which they must provide answers before Wanstead residents will know if they are serious about having listened to the protests.

Here are some which spring to mind. Wansteadium readers should feel free to add them via the comments field (or contact us on info@wansteadium.com).

  1. When will you publish the details of the revised proposals including timings of restrictions and maps of streets where they will operate?
  2. How meaningful can your consultation be with just an extension of four weeks before the scheme starts?
  3. This time will you be holding public meetings to consult on the proposal?
  4. How will any further amendments which may be suggested be agreed and implemented in time before the March start date?
  5. Will the installation of 800 poles around Wanstead at a cost of £93k be halted pending the consultation?
  6. Will poles which have already been installed, in places such as in Overton Drive, but where the restrictions will not now apply, be removed?
  7. Is your amended plan also on an “experimental” basis or are you implementing this scheme in the proper manner, as specified in this House of Commons briefing note?
  8. How will the council be monitoring the impact on shops on Wanstead High Street? Will it undertake now to be open and transparent about any findings it might make? [This question remains unanswered since we first asked it in December.]
  9. How will success or failure of the scheme be judged?
  10. How much has Redbridge made from parking charges and fines from drivers in Wanstead? Where does the money go, and will the council undertake to be open and transparent about the increased sums it will raise through this scheme? [This question remains unanswered since we first asked it in December.]
  11. Will the council undertake not to include the £93k expenditure on poles and infrastructure in its decision about the success of the trial? [This question remains unanswered since we first asked it in December.]
  12. How are people who, for whatever reason, don’t have a mobile phone going to park on the High Street?


6 thoughts on “A new set of questions for Redbridge Council”

  1. Have these questions been asked as FOI requests, or even if not looks like they should have been treated as such. You could resubmit as FOI requests.
    If originally FOIs and they are not being dealt with then speak/complain to the information commissioner’s office. Redbridge made a lot of claims with very little evidence or substance it seems…

  2. Probably 100s of questions, but for me…

    Q. Why has the operation time of Monday – Saturday 8.30am-6.30pm been set throughout the whole of the Residents Parking Zone? Does it need to be that long off the High Street? Wouldn’t a 10am-2pm Monday – Friday restriction like Leytonstone be just as effective? It should be possible to park near the likes of the library for a short period if necessary.

    Q.Will the car park in Grove Park have the same conditions as street parking or will the £5 for all day parking still remain? All day parking should be stopped here to allow shoppers to come and go without clogging up the High Street.

    Q.Why has the free parking time been restricted to 30 minutes throughout? Would it be reasonable to allow 60 minutes free parking off the High Street? Particulary for those with dental/doctor’s appointments, or even just to have a coffee or a snack.

    Q. Can 9.30am-10.30am Monday-Friday restrictions be put in place for kerbs without houses particularly along Overton Drive, near St. Mary’s Church and the entrance to Wanstead Park? This would stop commuters and allow those using the church, golf club and park to have reasonable access.

    Q. Can free parking be provided by ticketing rather than providing credit card details on a continuous payment authority? This is what happens in Woodford at present, so shouldn’t Wanstead have the same facility.

    1. A extension of restrictions to Saturdays in residents zones will impact most heavily on the housebound and elderly as that is when their relatives would normally visit. They will have to buy visitor tickets if they want families to continue to visit. Is this fair, Councillors receive allowances totalling many thousands of pounds for dreaming up schemes that discriminate against the most vulnerable in community.

  3. I would like to know also, if the poles already installed in places where the restrictions will now not apply, be removed? and how much it has cost to install them and how much it will cost of our tax payers money to REMOVE THEM AGAIN??
    I propose that EVERY RESIDENT in these roads, where the restrictions will now not apply i.e. Overton Drive, Warren Drive, Langley Drive, etc. etc. should all get a part rebate on their Council Tax for this quarter, to pay for all the money wasted on this ridiculous venture!

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