A Parking P.S.

img_3431Breaking a self-imposed rule to say no more about parking for a while, we should note there is one point really worth registering from Friday’s public meeting which was attended by council leader Cllr Jas Athwal.
At the meeting he explicitly overruled the statement made by Cllr John Howard last Wednesday in which he said roads south of Redbridge Lane West, which includes Warren Road, St Mary’s Ave and Overton Drive among others, would not now be included in the parking scheme.
Cllr Athwal said everything was now back on the table and would be subject to the full consultation – so residents of those roads who might have been breathing a sigh of relief will have to engage with the consultation like everyone else when it happens.

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  1. It’s also fair to say Cllr Athwal threw Cllr Howard and council officers under the bus in his attempt to distance himself from the ire of Wansteadians regarding the parking farago. I was expecting him to come out with “I was only following orders…” at one point during the meeting .

    1. “At the meeting he explicitly overruled the statement made by Cllr John Howard last Wednesday in which he said roads south of Redbridge Lane West”

      He actually overruled the council’s statement that was published on their website. I have the original here. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C2F2EQFWgAEFiIC.jpg:large

      Cllr Howard did not explicitly mention south of Redbridge Lane West, the Council did.

  2. Just supposing that CPZs are approved in Wanstead would it not be better if we were all in one big zone? Then people from Wanstead would be less likely to be charged for parking in Wanstead

  3. Glad you’ve pointed that out on Wansteadium a lot of people don’t seem to realise exactly what he said. Back to square one in a way and a bit sneaky. But then that seems to be the way the present Council work.

  4. So everyone who can should attend the special Council meeting this Thursday at 7pm for 7.15pm at the town hall in Ilford. The 145 bus will get you there in about 30 minutes.

  5. This is the councils parking strategy


    Please note the following points

    Page 4 Ambitions
    Empowerment that will place communities at the heart of the decision making

    Page 5
    1 We will provide clear information about parking and involve or consult communities in the development of policy and design of local schemes

    Page 13
    Part of the aims is to recognise different characteristics of the borough while being fair and consistent

    The council say they will now listen to us. Tell them what your community wants. On Friday the leader said they would listen street by street if needed. Get together as a community and tell them.
    Don’t have something forced on you just because someone elsewhere has it. This is the big chance to tell Redbridge what you want.

    Tell them on


    Adrian Ryan

  6. I totally agree with all Paul Donovan’s comments, including that Wansteadium is not being objective. Speaking as a resident in a road near to the High Street and underground station, which is extensively used by commuters and others for parking, I welcome the idea of the residents-only parking scheme.

    1. No need for Mon-Sat 8.30am-5.30pm restrictions near the church, golf club, cricket club, tennis courts nor Wanstead Park. Maybe a Mon-Fri 10am-11am to deter commuters if that is such a big problem (personally I don’t think it will be cos they will find my car off the drive and on the street with others if need be), but why should people pay to attend weddings, funerals, have a round of golf or even walk their dogs? Two hour limit on pay and display is ridiculous.

      We are not near the high street nor the underground, so why should we pay the same and have the same rules? Still, I guess we won’t cos we will all park on our drives.
      By way of comparison,sit at the back to see U2 at Twickenham and pay £40, but pay £270 to stand at the front. Well that’s if I could be bothered to go to Twickers, saw them at The O2 a couple of years ago, once every 20 years or so does for me.

    2. Sue,

      The consultation is a welcome and necessary exercise to gain the views of all of those affected.

      If you, as do I, think we need the proposed restrictions then you can use the consultation to express this. Some against the proposals are encouraging others to support their cause, even trying to gain support from people outside the tube station. If you think your neighbours may have more to gain than others due to your proximity of the high st from the proposal, then make sure they are also aware of the consultation and that their views are represented.

  7. Paul you answer your own question
    You had a problem and residents parking has worked for you

    If people feel they have problem discuss it with your neighbors and tell Redbridge what it is that you want. Make them listen, they promise that they will place communities at the heart of the decision making.
    As to possible problems in different areas let the people of that area make their decision, even if the decision is let us wait and see if there is a future problem.

    To promise consultation only to ignore it and blanket everywhere with a one size fits all will show that the strategy was only a fund raising exercise from the beginning.

    Adrian Ryan

  8. The yellow line at the bus stop in the High Street by Oxfam Bookshop overlaps the accessway by one metre and should be removed as it is only a money grubbing scam.
    The yellow line by the Post Box opposite Wanstead High School should also be removed for the same reason.

  9. The bottom line is that the Council want to raise money and they tried to push through a number of parking schemes without consultation.

    People objected and over 2,300 signed petitions calling for full and transparent consultation on the measures. Councillor Athwal, at last Fridays public meeting, said he would provide consultation, but when asked by the Wanstead Society if the Council would abide by the results of the consultation he would not give a yes or no answer.

    Whilst the Council seems to have agreed to consultation there is no commitment as to how they evaluate it. Unless Wanstead people continue to hold the Council to account over parking control consultation, they will by stealth introduce measures that are not supported to raise money to fund Councillors pet projects

    1. Consultations take in more information than local residents views. It is not a popularity contest else things that need implementing/built will never get done.

      There is a problem in cities with over dependence on cars with the danger, pollution and inconvenience over-reliance causes. However tackling it is never popular which is why things like this should take into account public opinion but it doesn’t form the deciding factor. It will contribute to the process.

      Too many people using their cars causes all sorts of problems. The worst part of visiting the high street is the badly parked and driven cars. The majority visit by other means. Making those that do (which occasionally includes me) pay a modest fee to offset more needed public services sounds entirely reasonable to me.

      1. These schemes are not just about pay and display in the High St -the parking issues in Wanstead are varied and complex, that is why we need full consultation so an overall plan, which meets the needs of the area and which local people can support can be introduced.

  10. Some of us in the proposed zone do not wish to dig up or concrete over our front gardens. I live here and am close to Wanstead station. Most of my road has unrestricted parking so commuters fill it for free every day often blocking drives or garage entrances. We often have cars parked outside for days or even weeks at a time suggesting owners use it as a free park and ride when they go on holiday. We also often have large vans which are left or stored for days or weeks at a time.
    The High Street is also used by commuters, perhaps those on flexitime who can wait until after the 10.30 am restriction thereby depriving shoppers or people visiting surgeries, churches, libraries.
    The status quo is unsatisfactory. We need a solution.

  11. It is clear that we need full consultation on the matter of parking, as there are many different issues – if you want a consultation that looks at all the issues attend tonight’s Council meeting at the Town Hall at 7pm to press for that very thing, which over 2,200 people signed petitions for – full and open consultation on parking in Wanstead

  12. I could not attend the meeting on Thursday but was appalled to find that black posts were erected both at the junction of Langley Drive and Redbridge Lane West and also two more near where Redbridge Lane West joins The Green. Four posts in all erected on the day of the meeting. So much for “The Leader’s” promises.

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