10 thoughts on “Choose Snaresbrook”

  1. I remember the cows outside my house. A neighbour and I (both from farming families) herded them on to The Green. Many an unsuspecting driver had to slam on their brakes as a cow wandered across Whipps Cross Road. That’s why there are cattle grids on the approach to the Green Man roundabout.

    1. Now we just have foxes, destroying bin bags and leaving an almighty Victorian style disease ridden mess which attracts calf sized rats..

    2. My wife and kids think I am joking when I mention the cows that used to roam around Leytonstone and Wanstead. Green Man roundabout was always very popular with the cows during the morning rush hour.

  2. When we moved to Wanstead about 23 years ago we used the launderette on the High Street for a couple of months. My 2 oldest daughters, who were then 1 and 3 years old, spent much of the time with their noses pressed to the windows looking out for the cows who used to wander up from Snaresbrook to graze on the grass area by the Church School. Now we have neither cows nor a launderette – not sure if that is an improvement to the area.

  3. Notices put on lamp posts / trees ..announcing a hefty fine If your dog Fouled the grass verges but you had to clamber over “COW SPANKS” to read them .. ………………..

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