A portrait of our High Street

Photographer Russell Boyce has brought his exhibition of portraits of Wanstead High Street shopkeepers to Christchurch Green. The portraits, compiled into a book which he has published, tell the story of some of the best known faces in Wanstead and is a great record of the high street during difficult times.

The book is available from the Wanstead Bookshop stall inside City Place Coffee on the High Street, price £6.

One thought on “A portrait of our High Street”

  1. I missed this in Wanstead park so was really pleased to see I could catch it on Christchurch Green.
    Not disappointed…such a simple idea, but I loved it. Good to hear so much positivity, well in the main people are. It made me feel quite emotional for some reason….I just so love Wanstead, guess it’s good to hear other people do so much too.
    Well done Russell and thank you x

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