Kiosk takes shape – with pledges

Christchurch Green’s new kiosk is taking shape, along with new pledges from Redbridge about the impact it will have on the green.

A meeting held between residents, councillors and council officers resulted in assurances that the kiosk will not be serving alcohol except for during occasional events such as the Wanstead Festival. The kiosk will also avoid using single-use plastics, and there will be “enhanced litter picking”.

There will also be a new team patrolling all Redbridge green spaces, including Christchurch Green, to tackle anti-social behaviour. And, as we reported last week, the toilet block is to be refurbished.

A new Friends of Christchurch Green group has been set up – anyone interested in taking part can reach them on

Jo Blackman, one of the Wanstead councillors, said they would continue to raise residents’ concerns about the kiosk and said: “We hope the friends group will provide a constructive forum for direct engagement between residents, Vision and the council about the use of the green for the community.”

Meanwhile as the kiosk takes shape, early signs are, in Wansteadium’s view, that it does not look like it will be the visual offence that some feared based on the planning document’s projections.

9 thoughts on “Kiosk takes shape – with pledges”

  1. The Cherry Tree was a good venue and helped those with difficulties get some work experience . Why, as the chap above mentioned, did the place, long closed, be offered to the friends of the councillors setting up on the green? Is it the Christmas Tree bloke by any chance?

    Nothing would surprise me these days.

  2. Enhanced patrolling – does that mean an end to smoking of cannabis (even during the day), cars of people at night in Wanstead Place (especially near the Church) eating takeaways, drinking, smoking weed, playing loud music and leaving all their rubbish behind? Thought not!

  3. I was at the meeting at Christchurch. Councillor Blackman said nothing. Councillor Morgan-Thomas, who is on the Redbridge planning committee, cowered at the back, afraid to face his constituents. Councillor Donovan tried to present himself as some sort of hero for opposing a licence, entirely missing the point that he should have opposed the kiosk in the first place in line with the wishes of the local people. All three should hang their heads in shame.

    1. I was at that meeting too and that is not what happened at all. If you don’t like the kiosk – fine – but don’t presume that you or others there speak for all of Wanstead because you don’t and, anyway, why do have to be so rude about it? It’s a kiosk selling drinks and snacks, not a threat to civilisation as we know it. Some perspective, please!

  4. I wager it will be a target for burglary, vandalism and graffiti in no time. Weird how they now upgrade WC just because this enterprise is occurring.

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