13 thoughts on “The secret’s out”

  1. A Coffee shop that give a free house with every cup – only snag is a cup cost at l east £20000.00 per cup – sandwiches extra

  2. Personally, I feel the best shop in the High Street is The Tool Box, you can get almost anything in there. Last year during Lockdown I bought a book on Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley, it was rather old.

    Thing is with the coffee shops , I would not mind but the prices seem to have gone up and quality , consistency and quantity has gone down.

    You have to be bold to open any shop these days with Redbridge Council ready and waiting to steal your thunder by opening cafes and selling products opposite you in the park. Even the market is becoming a bit monotonous. Bread stalls outside bread shops and so on. Good luck whatever it will be.

  3. I spoke to the coffee shop next door who confirmed they are expanding in to it. I’d rather have Orval’s suggestion of a micro pub but they’re nice people and it’s not a vape, betting shop or an estate agent so I support them.

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