Just in passing…

In the dim and distant days of December, there were worries (remember?) that the Christmas tree sellers who were positioned on Christchurch Green would damage the grass.

That didn’t seem to happen, and it’s especially cheering to see that the daffodils which are in the same position are showing no signs of being affected either.

3 thoughts on “Just in passing…”

  1. That makes it ok then to ruin, Business Rate paying , Covid affected businesses more angst then? Redbridge Council are anti local business as they are muscling in trying to destroy small sole traders by stealth.

  2. No but those ghastly tanker type litter bins have totally ruined the grass! We need several smaller litter bins (and of course people to dispose of their litter properly). More grass will be flattened by the kiosk (that no-one wants) too!

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