A slice of Wanstead, 1987-style

Evening Standard 1987Regular Wansteadium contributor Marcus Tylor found this old page of a 1987 Evening Standard at the bottom of a cupboard. It paints a fascinating picture of how the paper saw Wanstead 30 years ago, and being published shortly after the great storm shows evidence of fallen trees on St Mary’s Ave.
The opening sentence – saying that Wanstead people were sorry their postcode was E11 and not one in Essex – is just one of the observations which feels rooted in the 1980s. As is this line about meetings at the golf club:
Some things – like the debate about parking in central Wanstead – were concerns then as now.
The piece drips with interesting lines – do share any that particularly intrigue you.  You can see a higher resolution image of the page by clicking or touching this link.

5 thoughts on “A slice of Wanstead, 1987-style”

  1. Wow! A great little slice of history, but I wonder have we really changed that much in nearly 30 years?

  2. The tone of the writer of the article seems a tiny bit skewed to me, as the social history observations are not what I remember of people here at the time; I recall just ordinary families rather than the social climbing agenda consciousness that seems to be portrayed here. Wanstead to me in this time period, which I remember well, was just nice everyday people while it was still affordable. Looking back at those house prices makes me weep now.

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