Guerrilla gardeners put down roots

wansteadcommunitygardenersThe much-celebrated guerrilla gardeners, who cultivate and plant on odd bits of unloved ground all around Wanstead, are going legit.

Now officially known as the Wanstead Community Gardeners, they have a new home  on the web – and we’re delighted that it’s here on Wansteadium.

You can see more of their work at their page, and find out how to get in touch with them. Details of when they have their working parties will be listed on the Wanstead Social Diary.

01 Fountain bed group

6 Comments on "Guerrilla gardeners put down roots"

  1. Plus one.

    Corner House garden has never looked better; perfect at the mo.

    1. And well done the gardeners on ‘dead heading’ the obtrusive red sign.

  2. Good work but I oppose to the old water tanks on Hanger Lane at the bottom of Mansfield Road.

    They look terrible! Please remove them.. It does not fit with the area.

    1. But just wait, seeds are being sown tomorrow. This is going to look gorgeous!

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