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    1. I’ve just checked their website, that isn’t a bad idea, if there is no chance of AG reopening. We should approach them…

  1. it’s so sad to see the shops on the high street are closing one by one. I was thinking the only support we locals can give, is buying from them. but there is an irony in there, as a fulltime worker in central london I never get a chance to see them open because I never arrive in Wanstead before 6.20. Well, they should help us to help them.

  2. I would echo the above question: what are the options for quality butchers in the area? I know of the farm shops in Essex but want something closer, and while online options exist I would like something local that I can visit.

  3. Anyone want to start a new life & open a new butchers with organic meat from a local farm? – I’m sure it would go down well in Wanstead.

  4. Very sorry to see AG Dennis close down, I have just e-mailed the Ginger Pig to see if they would consider replacing them. If you do the same they may consider opening up in Wanstead!

  5. Real shame. Hopefully it will be replaced with a mini supermarket, somewhere to get my nails done, my hair cut, to have a bit of a “flutter” or to sell my house… 🤔🙄

  6. It is sad and everyone wants to support locals but shops need to do more to make the experience of shopping local more exciting and rewarding. Ginger pig would work! People around have money and will be happy to pay for quality.

  7. well it a long day for both shops there open early all week! this will keep happening if people dont use them they are all A class shops! and soon he old wanstead high street will no more x very sad news.

  8. Mange tout!!!!!
    May be forced to order on line from Allen’s of Mayfair. Heard good things and meat does look yummy and good value.
    Yes, Ginger Pig would be a good idea. When’s the next Farmer’s Market please!

  9. Sad to see them go, their sausages made perfect Christmas and birthday presents for foreign relatives.

    Have emailed Ginger Pig and hope others will too – you never know.

    Otherwise I fear a sugaring hair removal for men specialist will move in.

  10. Such a shame. I’ve been using them for over 35 years. A good butcher is an important – I would say essential – asset to the High Street. What can we do to encourage another independent butcher to move in? Wanstead High Street without a butchers is a very sad affair. In the meantime, support our fishmonger!

  11. Then we all need to spend properly on the high st. Don’t pop into the independents once every month and spend £10. They need big shopping. A coffee, newspaper and bunch of bananas won’t cut it. Support the independents not the chains. Yet Costa and Starbucks are always packed.

    We get the high st we deserve.

    1. I don’t think this was a case of people not using it – there was always someone in there. I think this had more to do with greedy landlords playing a game of bluff that failed and we all lost out. The butcher won’t be closed for long. While I would welcome a chain like the Ginger Pig I would not welcome paying their prices – but better GP than another nail bar / coffee joint / empty shop

    1. A hike in the cost of their lease which had come up for renewal. Apparently Cista had accepted the price when they opened, and thus set the bar high. I think the freeholders are called something like Threadneedle Properties. Wonder whether it worth contacting Mary Portas?

  12. So the Butchers is Definately closed, what a shame, it will be
    sorely Missed!!
    All the best to the Dennis Family & staff.

  13. Very sad. Been a customer for 17 years. Carluccio’s said it was one of the best butcher shop in uk, and he was right. And it gave value the area more than a nail shop or, even worst, a betting shop. We should support as much as we can the fishmonger and the greengrocer.

  14. I agree with the others who work in the city. The reality is many people who live in Wanstead are commuters who don’t make it back during the week before the shops close. I always bought from them at Christmas or if I was having a big weekend event but their opening times didn’t suit day to day living for me.

  15. We’ve been reasonably regular customers for about 20 years and are very disappointed at the news. Have also emailed the Ginger Pig.

    However, some of the criticisms on another thread do stand up. The staff weren’t terribly friendly, even to familiar faces, and there was no interest in the provenance of their meat – not even to offer free-range chicken is a major error nowadays. It’s for this reason that we began to buy more meat from Waitrose (though not beef, that was always a Dennis strength).

    Let’s hope the success of Kevin the fishmonger shows the Ginger Pig or similar that there’s a strong potential clientele in and around Wanstead.

  16. This is very bad news. I’m a veggie, but the loss of a local shop which has traded for so long is another disaster for our poor High Street, now infested with coffee shops, caffs, and nail bars. We need retailers selling proper food, drink, hardware, and the like; thank the Goddess for Wanstead Fish, the Wanstead Parmacy+ Post Office, Heads’nTails (and the new hardware shop close by) , Simple and Natural and (last but never least) Harveys; the best greengrocers ever. What will replace AG Dennis? PLEASE not another trendy caff!!!!!

  17. Allen’s of Mayfair has online service. Will be topping up at next farmer’s market. Only two Ginger Pig sausages found in freezer!!! Can’t believe how the closing of a butcher shop has us all in a tis wos!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  18. Sadly, Councils have been given autonomy, and they operate on short term greed. Parking fines, Council Tax, Business Rates and stupid rules. It’s Councils that are killing the high street. How about removing all the unnecessary double yellow lines, around the side streets, put in a 2 hour limit, make it free to park, and encourage shoppers in going so. I often do a loop or two of the high street, and shape elsewhere if as space doesn’t clear.

  19. I am very saddened to see this family business close. A great loss to the High Street. I know people who travelled from Buckhurst Hill and Woodford especially to shop at the butchers. They will no longer shop here. If we are not careful the High Street will end up like Woodford Broadway; which was once as thriving. Unfortunately, online grocery shopping is not helping local shops. If we want to retain a traditional high street then we must support it. I moved to Wanstead partly because of the traditional high street.
    The only butchers I know of now are Chapman’s at Woodford Green, Church’s in Epping and two (yes two!) in Theydon Bois. A trip to Theydon can be combined with a leisurely country walk and lunch in either The Bull or Queen Vic, both recommended!

  20. While it is sad to see the end of independent shops on the high street, I think nostalgia is clouding peoples’ judgement. It is worth reminding people that their current Food Standards Agency rating was 2 out of 5! http://ratings.food.gov.uk/business/en-GB/443058/A-G-Dennis-Ltd-Wanstead Admittedly it was over a year ago, but when I picked up my chicken for Christmas, I did wonder about some hygiene standards.

    It would be great to get a very good replacement butcher and I would support it as I could, it would only be for special occasions rather than for our weekly shop. Based on the amount of Ocado vans and the like around Wanstead it’s not surprising that a lot of people don’t shop in person anymore.

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