Aldersbrook… you’re breaking up…

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Wansteadium reader Sue writes: 

“We’ve been having real problems for a month now with our Vodafone supply in Aldersbrook. Calls cut out after one minute or simply can’t make calls. Vodafone won’t take ownership of the problem. I had yet another chat with them today- on my landline – and they said it’s not a Vodafone problem as the mast is working ok but the signal for some unexplained reason “Perhaps a new building has gone up” meant the signal isn’t getting into the houses of one or two postcodes so it’s a coverage problem.”

Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

4 thoughts on “Aldersbrook… you’re breaking up…”

  1. My wife and I have very limited (if any) reception in our house. We live in Aldersbrook and are both on the Vodafone network.

  2. I’m up the road near Wanstead Station and it’s “3” I’m having trouble with. Their internet service has been completely GONE for for hours each day, since November 14th. When I can get online, their website does admit that this area is experiencing “loss of coverage” and a customer service chat today informed me that it won’t be back until the 26th.

    It’s been appalling.

    They admitted a problem and offered £10 off next month’s bill……

    Something might be going on in the general area for more than one provider company — but nobody will explain what the problem is.

  3. I wonder why this is happening across more than one service provider? What’s going on in this area, to affect all of us on various providers? I never got an answer.

    Also, this Captcha thing is getting on my nerves, Wansteadium — three test images to confirm I’m human?? And because I’m already having connection issues, Captcha keeps giving me an error/rejection message and asks me to “check my connection” — the very problem I’m trying to post about.

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