An influx of poles

Just some of the spots where 800 poles will be inserted into Wanstead pavements to announce the new parking restrictions. Nice work if you can get it. Economist John Maynard Keynes said “the government should pay people to dig holes in the ground and then fill them up” as a way to stimulate the economy. Could this be why Redbridge’s parking plan has been tabled as part of a “budget” proposal rather than a “highways” one?

In other parking news, this unfortunate scheduling clash has been brought to our attention. While some residents will be taking part in the only public meeting being held about parking, on Friday night at the Scout Hall, in Wanstead Library a completely different meeting will be taking place.



UPDATE: ArrGee writes at his relief on hearing the white rings were for poles. He thought they were evidence of Mysterons.

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  1. Phew, I though the mysterons had landed.

    One of those poles is next to a lamp post!

    I always walked into one at the top of St. Mary’s Avenue this morning in the dark.

    1. Looking at that video, I think it is the Mysterons after all. “We will destroy the City of London, earthman!”

      Spotted one at the top of Overton Drive on the corner this evening making a narrow part of the pavement even narrower. Should prevent a few of our neighbours getting around on their mobility scooters and double buggies. They will have to drive instead…

  2. Looks like these poles pose are a hazard to pedestrians, wheel chair users and mothers with prams – suggest that if anybody injurers themselves as a result of their poor positioning that that make a calm against the Council

    1. Agree, what will people who constantly have their eyes fixed on their mobiles do when new obstacles are introduced!

      On a plus note ,at least the cyclists will have new places to fix the bikes too.

  3. Very well said. Admirable that the labour party is suddenly so concerned about our open space. Better still, why don’t their Redbridge councillors scrap their imposed idiotic parking scheme and use the money they will save, £93k, toward improving Wanstead’s beautiful green open spaces.

  4. From my window I can see 3 markings for said poles, adjacent to 2 existing poles & a lamp post,all of which have the current 1 hr. parking restriction signs attached. The markings are virtually in the middle of a narrow pavement.
    It has shifted from arrogance to stupidity.

  5. In the environment of Consultation and Transparency
    I have to admit the comment attributed to Maralyn Ryan
    was mine, Adrian Ryan
    I used the wrong box and it attributed it to Maralyn
    My error

  6. Can’t see how this accords with brexit…I thought all poles had to leave..

    However, this waste of money is far from funny.

  7. Polldark – the art of keeping ward Councillors and residents in the dark, uniformed and without consultation on this scheme. A veritable forest of poles… perhaps that’s what will be talked about at Wanstead Library!!

  8. It would not surprise me if the Leyton and Wanstead Labour Party had organised the ‘open spaces’ meeting on Friday evening, precisely to give our MP and Labour Councillors the opportunity to avoid attending the meeting on the parking proposals – an event scheduled and publicised several weeks ago.

    1. I suspect John Cryer wants nothing to do with the parking issue as the change in constituency to Leytonstone and Wanstead will make it a bit harder for him to retain his seat (if selected, though still likely to be Labour as there is no clear opponent). He has expressed his opinions on the lack of consultation and probably feels it is best left to the councillors in the Ilford North constituency to deal with.

      That said, I think it is probably a coincidence these two meetings are on the same evening.

      Nice to see The Guardian has picked up on my point regarding the Redbridge Parking Strategy.

      Leyton and Wanstead MP John Cryer broke his silence on the controversy, imploring the council to let his constituents have their say.

      He said: “I will continue to bring pressure to bear on the council on this issue. People should have a say when the council is looking at introducing such a profound change.”

      1. From the Wanstead Guardian – Cabinet member for environment and sustainability Cllr John Howard has said he will not attend over concerns it will be a “political meeting”.

        Isn’t he a politician? When will he actually show his face? He is welcome to host his own meeting to explain the scheme.

        1. I have written to the Council Leader Councillor Athwal asking him to deny a rumour circulating that there will be no attendance, by Labour representatives at the meeting about the lack of consultation on parking matters on 13th January. I have yet to receive a reply

  9. I once worked in a job not entirely different from the Parking Pole installers. It was well known that as the financial year neared its end it was essential to use up all your budget unless it would be reduced next year.
    Because of this imaginative & utterly pointless schemes would be initiated to burn through any remaining funds.

    Ever noticed a rash of pointless footpath repairs happening as the year turned? Or pointless kerb replacement were it just didn’t seem necessary?

    I’m no conspiracy theorist – but do look at the hundreds of shiny new poles we are getting and have a little smile.

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