And its name is…

The much-debated kiosk on Christchurch Green could, we gather, be open for business on Friday. A Redbridge children’s event, The Great Easter Egg Hunt, on Friday and Saturday is inviting participants to get refreshments from the kiosk which – we can reveal – they are calling The Green Café.

It’s a pretty good name for it, we think*. The container beneath the cladding is green, after all, and it is on the Green. It also promises to be plastic free, and because it has an electricity supply it also means the ice cream van will be able to run from the mains rather than a diesel generator, which will be welcomed by parents of playing children. Following a residents’ meeting last month, the council has also promised that there will be “enhanced” litter picking.

Fringe organisers will be looking to see how the facility for small events such as recitals, which was a central part of the plan, will develop.

Though it has been controversial, and will be watched closely by High Street cafes and nearby residents, we wish the venture well, as we traditionally do. Let’s hope it turns out to be a really good thing for Wanstead and that everyone benefits from it.

* Our choice was The Jas Café.

9 thoughts on “And its name is…”

  1. Nobody in Wanstead wanted it, so there will be no public gathering as we Never use it, hope you close down soon with no business

    1. You do not speak for Wanstead. I will certainly give it a try. As will lots of other people. You don’t like it? Fine. I admire your passion. I shall contemplate it over one of the many cakes I intend to buy from it whilst sat in the nice park.

  2. Endless fuss about this kiosk but no mention of the fire in the childrens playground last week. Happened to be walking past just as the Fire Brigade arrived, who put it out quickly. The fire was huge and the heat intense, and no doubt started by yobs. Have said before, Christchurch Green is a now a meeting place at night for yougsters committing anti-social behaviour – noise, drinking, drugs (some shady men in cars look like dealers) and litter. It needs to be patrolled, but clearly isn’t! Let’s have a competition to rename the place to reflect it’s now more diverse use as a recreational space – how about ‘Marijuana Meadow!’

  3. A cafe in a park? The horror. It’ll be like Wanstead Park all over again which is now deserted since the tea hut opened. Oh, hang on, my mistake, nope, turns out sone people quite like a little cafe in the park.

    Those that don’t want it can simply not go.

    1. The tea hut in Wanstead Park is not in any way, shape or form comparable to this. It provides a unique service in an open space which is not otherwise served. This ground-grab by Redbridge is a slap in the face to local businesses paying their rates, as well as the near 200 residents who expressed their objections to it.

      1. Nonsense. Many parks have cafes in and around us. Wanstead park. Eagle
        Pond. Valentines park. Victoria park Let’s not even talk about the famous London parks. All are well served on its boundaries. These are not isolated wildernesses. 200 people objected? Big deal. It’ll see more than 200 people in its first week of trading.

        You object to it. I support your choice. You do not speak for Wanstead. If Wanstead doesn’t want it it will go bust. If it is used and supported then it will thrive. It is not for a handful people to decide for the tens of thousands of residents.

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