Good boy Friday

A rather large dog, apparently stray, wandered in to Our Lady of Lourdes church on Friday as Wanstead churchgoers of all denominations joined together in their traditional Good Friday procession and service.

The dog took advantage of the open doors, boldly strolled in to the church, roamed around the altar and where the joined clergy were sitting, and sniffed a few of the worshippers – who were starting to look alarmed at the animal.

The dog didn’t appear to have a collar, and to some looked rather wolfish with the kind of blue-eyed stare you normally only see on TV or from behind a fence.

He took himself off in search of sustenance elsewhere and all was well.

5 thoughts on “Good boy Friday”

  1. Agree with J Bloggs. Forget the church service try to see if the dog can be taken into local vets to see if Micro chipped. Or Dogs charity like Dogs Trust. Just to say I had my Holy Communion in this church when I was 8 years old in 1951 also attended the convent nearby. So do have some connection.

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