Announcing the Wanstead hedgehog hunt

Some wildlife there is no shortage of, especially in Wanstead. As this tweet has it:

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But what, Wansteadium asks, about the humble hedgehog? Wanstead is full of gardens, with plenty of room to roam, and lots of countryside within easy reach even of short legs. The Wanstead Wildlife website reported that the prickly mammals were “very rarely seen” as far back as 2006, though did hear of a couple of sightings in 2009 – one in garden near Manor Park Cemetery, and one in Wanstead Park.

So a challenge for Wansteadium readers is to report any sightings – dead or alive – of hedgehogs. It surely can’t be that there are none living here?  Please put the message around with your neighbours, encourage schoolchildren to take an interest, and let’s find some evidence that there are still the snuffling beasties living here.

We have set a up a Google map to record and share any sightings – either plot it on the map directly or e-mail us with details –

View Hedgehogs in Wanstead in a larger map

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