Wanstead property roundup, 15.6.11; Olympic gold and makeover time

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It seems Olympic gold is within reach of all of us – not just the Lycra-clad fitties who will descend on Stratford in July 2012.

Beautician Virginia Williams (@VWSkinCare) tweeted this week ‘£28k offered to a client in Wanstead for renting her house out during the Olympics. Might reconsider closing my studio for two weeks!’.

Reading this, I nearly fell off my exercise bike. This indeed was food for thought. Time I got myself booked in for an eyebrow-sculpt, I thought, and at the same time I began to consider Olympic lets in Wanstead.

The Daily Telegraph was out of the blocks before me. Declutter and check with your mortgage company is the sound advice for those looking to let.

The next step was a Google search to assess the competition only to find that some enterprising Wanstead residents have already lapped me. Indeed, I found an array of properties to suit all budgets – even those on a thick VIP expense account. For a mere £750 pounds a night, I could stay in a double bedroom here (bathroom shared). The single is only £500/night, but does come with TV and hopefully a breakfast of champions.

Anyhow, with cash like this sloshing around, I admit I considered renting out a wing of Parker Towers, or two. However, I thought to myself, Mrs Parker would probably object and anyway, I’d be limiting my potential income. Maybe I should get hold of a former church building and set up Wanstead’s first pod hotel?

Another SOLD sign stands proud in graceful St Mary’s Avenue, and I suspect that the small bungalow occupying the current plot will soon be given short shrift. Both neighbouring properties are beautiful red-brick mansions, and there is ample room to bring another house of similar size to bear in keeping with its peers. Marketers Churchill Estates waxed lyrical… “considered to be Wanstead’s premier turning, St Mary’s Avenue… The plot size is approximately 44ft in width by 164ft in length and offers tremendous scope for extension or even the possibility of demolition of the existing property and the erection of a brand new property on the site (subject to planning permission). Plenty of interest is expected as properties like this are extremely rare in this location.”

This would follow an established trend as developers continue to upgrade the housing stock on this elegant, chestnut-lined avenue. (Presumably they know about the decline of the chestnuts though…)

• Talking about bungalows, I’m curious about one at the other end of our sphere of interest, in Sylvan Road near Snaresbrook station. It seems this bungalow has been almost (if not completely) rebuilt into what now looks like a massive property now (see before pic – thanks to Google Streetview – and after, below). And yet the whole thing doesn’t appear to be very much higher than it was in its original state. It all looks very smart. If it’s your property or you know anything about it, I’d be delighted to hear from you (georgecparker@wansteadium.com)

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5 thoughts on “Wanstead property roundup, 15.6.11; Olympic gold and makeover time”

  1. Dear wanstead property owners, please don’t evict your loyal tenants for the prospect of easy Olympic money. I am a loyal tenant and my agreement is up for renewal before the Olympics. I am getting really worried. Don’t penalise us because banks won’t give us a mortgage without an impossible deposit in these dark days. We already pay your mortgage for you, please let us stay here in 2012! Thanks.

  2. Whilst I would certainly demolish the staggeringly unremarkable bungalow on the St Marys Ave plot were I in a position to fund both land and re-build, I have a foreboding about what will indeed arise from the ashes. There is currently another rebuild under way in the road, and a predictably naff pastiche is emerging, constructed in horribly low rent materials.

    I’m not against the replacement of undistinguished houses on such a road, if the replacement is an improvement. The bungalow plot allows the perfect opportunity to build something genuinely elegant, ingenious and MODERN. Something that will show folks in 2111 that we were capable of designing houses 100 years previously, rather than copy what was fashionable a further century into history, but get wrong every time.

  3. For an idea of what people are asking for rent during the Olympics…..

    As of August 23 / 2011

    RentDuringTheGames.com – currently has (530 rentals a total of 1340 bedrooms)
    listed for rent during the London 2012 Olympics.

    Prices below reflect a one week stay in GBP funds.
    Avg house is listed at £3420.00 or £930.00 per bedroom.
    Avg Flat is listed at £2,100.00 or £1,220.00 per bedroom.
    People renting out just a bedroom are asking an avg of £570.00 per week.

    Prices will vary due to the quality of the rental and the distance to the Olympic venues.
    For more info on these rental prices checkout

    Hope that helps…..

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