Another boost for Bombetta

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-11-04-29Bombetta, the new Italian restaurant at Snaresbrook Tube has got another boost with a review in the Evening Standard from Grace Dent.

Effortlessly drawing on her local knowledge, she writes of the culinary context into which Bombetta has come (the Eagle’s bottomless custard jug and the Tiffin Tin), and adds that it is so close to the Tube that “one could almost reach over your zucchini fritti and top up your Oyster card”.

[su_quote]I wanted to sit at the bar, drink Nombra Spumante, choose some meat, add a side of sauce and yadda on for an hour. I wanted non-harsh lighting, friendly staff, evidence of things being cooked with a bit of love, and the hubbub of locals too lazy to face their own ovens. That’s how neighbourhood restaurants should be. And when they are, it is impossible for me not to love them. I think Bombetta, which is packed almost every night, is nailing this.[/su_quote]

Her full review is worth reading, and is here. 

Meanwhile the restaurant has extended its hours and is now serving coffee and croissants from 7am to 11am on Mondays to Fridays. It is also opening later on a Sunday, serving dinner as well as lunch.

It is also waiting for a planning decision on building a pavement on its bit of the road outside the restaurant, which is currently marked as a Loading Bay but which belongs to the site.

9 thoughts on “Another boost for Bombetta”

  1. I really wanted to like this review, I really did. After all, anyone who has anything positive to say about our area is to be commended. However, her sneering backhander about the Toby inn (sic) was not very nice, nor was the fact that ‘thankfully’ another restaurant has opened in Snaresbrook (just the two then, eh?). And nice to know she regards the area as an ‘outpost’.

    What’s worse than a professional Northerner? (she almost got out of the first para before she dropped it in). It’s a professional Northerner who thinks the world ends at the borders of W1 as is constantly amazed to find the contrary.

    1. That’s Grace Dent’s writing persona / style – written with tongue firmly in cheek. Also, Wanstead is an outpost – it’s almost Essex.

  2. Love this place, it’s very reasonably priced and the food consistently good. Staff great. Wanstead has such a good range of restaurants, I’ve lived here for 16 years and the last few have been great for new restaurants offering fab food. Shame the rates have gone up for the high street though and we’re losing friendly newsagents etc. Council’s would rather see empty shops then support the local business community.

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