Suddenly the most interesting shop in Wanstead

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Out of nowhere, it seems, Wanstead now has a new fascinating little shop which has such a wonderful mix of things for sale you almost expect to see Professor Yaffle on the bookshelf.

The shop has no name, and doesn’t do nails or coffee, but does have a parrot cage, a rocking horse, garden furniture, Beatles posters and odd perfume bottles for sale. They’re not antiques, or at least not all of them, and they refuse to be categorised into a single group. But they do all work together somehow.

It’s the sort of thing you might expect to find in a strange corner of Bethnal Green near Columbia Road, run by a hipster on a penny farthing. But not quite. It’s on Nightingale Lane and it’s run by former QPR goalie Peter Hucker, when he’s not running his soccer school.

It’s a curious interest he says, but customers seem intrigued.


11 thoughts on “Suddenly the most interesting shop in Wanstead”

  1. At least it’s something more interesting than a coffee shop! Beatles posters! I would never have known had it not been for this item. I will pay a visit.

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