Another trifling victory

timeoutThe second utterly insignificant but strangely satisfying vindication inside a week. The Time Out Love London awards have reclassified Wanstead shops and restaurants as being in “Leytonstone and Wanstead” rather than lumping them together simply as being in Leytonstone. Nothing wrong with Leytonstone, of course. But places have names for a reason.

Wansteadium rather snarkily noted the lumping together earlier in the week, and lo and behold it has now been amended. It follows the equally trivial vindication over “vegitarian“. Pathetic really.

8 thoughts on “Another trifling victory”

  1. There’s no need to be rude, there isn’t anything wrong with Leytonstone. I lived there for 16 years after growing up in Wanstead. It’s here I was robbed on the street after moving back 2 years ago!

  2. I used to live there over 25 years ago which is why I quickly decamped to Wanstead! the two areas have absolutely nothing in common.

  3. I agree I moved to Wanstead from Leytonstone only bought there to start with as Wanstead was to expensive but the E11 postcode is Leytonstone but I always put Wanstead in the address

  4. Leytonstone, while the poor neighbour, has it’s charms and is improving; the Red Lion and Wild Goose Bakery spring to mind. Yes, it has too many nail bars, pound shops, bookies and fried chicken shacks, but it’s not as bad as some make out. Take a walk through Bushwood and down Browning Road and you forget you’re in London.

  5. Well I live in the posher part of Wanstead and I don’t like being associated with the grubbier parts. I think we should have an E11+ postcode to differentiate us from some of you.

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