Anyone for Nightingale Green planting?

Guerrilla gardener and horticultural heroine Marian Temple writes: “This idea has been suggested to me by several people over the years and I think maybe this is the year it should happen. Nightingale Green is the little green down the end of Nightingale Lane (off Grosvenor Road ) next to the Nightingale pub. No spring bulbs there. It would do people’s hearts good to see ‘em. I’m suggesting one Sunday towards the end of September or early October. That’s the earliest I can do. Could be a great community event with local families or local anyone involved and of course the pub would be part of it.

What I need is a couple of other people who could help me get this mini project off the ground (as well as the bulbs in the ground). Primarily publicity with flyers delivered to locals and put on trees. Plants also need to be dug up from my garden or the Corner House Garden for over planting our bulb patches. Stuff like that. All good fun. Please get in touch with me via the Wansteadium if you can help organise this.”

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5 thoughts on “Anyone for Nightingale Green planting?”

  1. Marian and her team do a fantastic job all for love and Wanstead looks beautiful for it but isn’t it letting Redbridge council off the hook? Of course it’s going to sit back and allow volunteers to provide their labour and materials free of charge. Is it coughing up anything?

  2. The facts of political life are that due to Tory Central Government Austerity cuts, there is very little money available currently; certainly a lot less than there was in 2009 for public realm maintainence along with many other pressing priorities. It’s brilliant that Marian and other Gurilla Gardeners are prepared to take an active role in their community and improve the public realm. Myself and Cllr Bain will continue to support them and hopefully obtain continuing and increased support from the business community through the Snaresbrook and Wanstead Business Partnership and from local residents.

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